Hany Abou Rida wins FIFA Free Seat Elections


Mon, 08 May 2017 - 12:05 GMT

Hany abu Rida

Hany abu Rida

CAIRO – 8 May 2017: Hani Abou Rida, the Egyptian Football Association’s president and a member of FIFA's Executive Board won the FIFA free seat elections by 50 votes, while his Cameron competitor won only 4 votes.

The FIFA Free Seat elections took place Monday at Bahrain’s Manama, with attendance of the Egyptian Football association delegation headed by Sief Zaher, who was on duty to back Abu Rida.

FIFA has previously rejected the Cameron candidate’s request to run in the elections, however, the decision was later on overturned.

The elections witnessed the withdrawal of the other African candidates include Leodegar Tenga from the Confederation of Tanzania Fédération, Namibia Football Association President Frans Mbidi and Mauritius Football Association President Sohba Mohammad Ally Samir.



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