FILE - Masr el-Makasa captain Hany Said FILE - Masr el-Makasa captain Hany Said

Hany Said retires at the end of the season

Sun, Apr. 8, 2018
CAIRO – 8 April 2018: Hany Said, Masr el-Makasa captain and former national team defender, plans to retire at the end of the current season as he is not participating recently, and has decided to partake in an administrative career.

Said was eliminated from participating in matches with el-Makasa because the team is now depending on Salah Atef, who is well known as Riko, and Rajab Omran at Saied’s position in the field, and for his old age compared to Omran and Riko.

On the other hand there is no desire for el-Makasa coaching staff to include Saied for the forthcoming season players’ list, even though he still has one more season in his contract with the team

Masr el-Makasa’s officials have agreed initially with Hany Said to assume an administrative position in the club, whether as the coordinator of the football team or the director of players’ affairs, which will be determined by the end of the season.
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