Mahmoud Taher arrives at the club to vote in the elections



Thu, 30 Nov 2017 - 12:19 GMT


Thu, 30 Nov 2017 - 12:19 GMT

Mahmoud Taher's full list - Courtesy of Superkora website

Mahmoud Taher's full list - Courtesy of Superkora website

CAIRO – 30 November 2017: Mahmoud Taher, Al-Ahly's president, arrived at the club to vote in the elections which were held on Thursday.

The elections were held amid strong competition between all the candidates, especially between Mahmoud Taher's list, current president of the club and the legend Mahmoud el-Khatib, the popular candidate.

It is expected for the elections to be held for only one day and the result will be announced in the judicial committee on Friday morning.

There is a race between 36 candidates in the elections of the Red Castle, the candidates for the presidency include: Mohamed Thabet, Mohamed Othman Fadl-Allah, Elhamy Ahmed Abdel Latif Gad Agena, Mahmoud el-Khatib and Mahmoud Taher.
For the Vice-President seat: Mostafa Fahmy Morad Fahmy (Taher's list) and el-Amry Farouk (el-Khatib's list)
For the Treasurer seat: Kamel Zaher (Taher's list) and Khaled el-Darndaly (Khatib's list)
For the Member seat (above 35): Gohar Nabil Gohar Mohamed, Ibrahim Kamel Kamel al-Kafrawi, Khalid Abdel Mohsin Kamel Mortagy, Mohamed Omar Mohamed al-Damati, Tarek Hassan Abdel Hameed Hassan Kandil, Rania Amr Mustafa Elwani (Mahmod el-Khatib's List).

Hani Salah Mohammed Sari el-deen, Mohamed Yehia Mostafa Eissa, Mohamed Gamal Ahmed Mohamed Halil, Hamdy Mohamed Ali el-Keneisi, Khalid Adel Abdo Habib, Ehab Mohammed Mady Mohamed Othman (Mahmoud Taher's list).

The independent candidates for the Member position are: Khalid Suleiman Abul Ela Eid, Nader Mohamed Mohamed Hamada, Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Saad el-Din, Ahmad Zaki Khalil Ibrahim, Hisham Fawzi Mohamed Ali, Ayman Fathi Mohamed al-Morshedi and Mona Nay Abdel-Karim Sayed Salim.

For the Member seat (Under 35): Mohamed Gamal Abdel Kader el-Garhy, Mohamed Zakaria Ebid Serag el-din, Mohannad Magdy Mohamed Abdel Aziz (Mahmoud el-Khatib's list).

Sherin Hany Mohamed Hussein Mansour, Marwan Hisham Mohamed Fouad and Ahmed Mustafa Mohamed Abdel-kader (Mahmoud Taher's list)
While candidates running for the position of membership under age (independent): Hossam el- Din Mostafa Hassan Mohamed Ali, Omar Mohamed Rabie Yassin Mohamed and Mohamed Said Abul Fath Fathallah.



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