Mahmoud Taher speaks about his goals with Al-Ahly



Fri, 10 Nov 2017 - 04:05 GMT


Fri, 10 Nov 2017 - 04:05 GMT

Mahmoud Taher, Courtesy of Al-Ahly’s official website

Mahmoud Taher, Courtesy of Al-Ahly’s official website

CAIRO – 10 November 2017: Mahmoud Taher, Al-Ahly’s current president, is running against several other candidates like Mahmoud El Khatib in the upcoming elections, slated for November 30.

Mahmoud Taher spoke in Al-Ahly club about his program; stating that his program in the last elections in 2014 was unclear, even though it contained some main lines. Taher attributed the vagueness in his program to his lack of knowledge and awareness at the time.

Yet, Taher still believes that he committed to his promises and will continue to work towards a better future for both the members and the fans.

"The people who will implement the program are more important than the program. I can talk about many things in the program and not implement anything in the end. What matters most are those who will implement the program," Taher said.

He added that he was keen that his list of staff, which will run in the upcoming elections, is capable of implementing any program whether in finance, economics, sports or construction, to satisfy the aspirations of the people of the Red Castle.

Taher spoke about Al-Ahly`s branch in Nasr City: “The branch in Nasr City will be one of the best clubs in Egypt because of the large space available which gives the board the freedom to rejuvenate the club.”

Taher chose Mohamed Yehia, the consultant engineer who is responsible for every construction plan concerning the club. “Yehia is one of the greatest engineers in Egypt. He supervised many projects in Egypt like the New Capital. He is the right person for the club’s requirements in the coming period in terms of construction, so I assure you that we have chosen a list that can implement our ambitions,” Taher stressed.

"I am very confident in the General Assembly of Al-Ahly, they are very conscious and very smart and they always choose the best. In the end, whoever is chosen to manage the club will have our full support,” Taher concluded.



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