Aly Sergani – file photo Aly Sergani – file photo

Olympic excluded Sergani from Volleyball Federation elections

Thu, Sep. 21, 2017
CAIRO –21 September 2017: The legal affairs of the Olympic Committee decided to reject the candidacy of former president of the Volleyball Federation, Aly Sergani, for the presidency in a new election session.

Sergani had a meeting with the Olympic officials to inquire about the reasons for rejecting his candidacy for the Volleyball Federation. The matter was referred to legal affairs, which supported the decision to reject his candidacy.

An official source at the Olympic Committee confirmed that the legal affairs will issue the decision on September 18 and will be informed of the final position of Sergani. However, the committee did not accept his candidacy for the elections of the General Assembly of the Union because of his previous nominations.

Volleyball Federation elections were set for September 29, and Fouad Abdel Salam and Khaled Nasif Salim announced their candidacy for the presidency.

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