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Sun, 27 Aug 2017 - 12:00 GMT


Sun, 27 Aug 2017 - 12:00 GMT

Alexander Jakobsen- Jakobsen’s facebook page

Alexander Jakobsen- Jakobsen’s facebook page

CAIRO – 27 August 2017: After starting a new journey with his new club IFK Norrkoping, Amir Adel known as Alexander Jakobsen talked to Egypt Today about playing football on the streets to playing it in some of the world’s best stadiums.

Jakobsen is considered to be one of Egypt’s promising attacking players, having played at clubs like FC Copenhagen and PSV.

Egypt Today talked with Jakobsen about his early childhood, the first football kit he got and who gave him advice in his teenage years.

Jakobson also talked about how he joined FC Copenhagen and the main thing that halted his career, along with talking about the reasons behind choosing to join IFK Norrkoping and other interesting topics

Alexander Jakobsen – Jakobsen’s Facebook Account

What was your childhood like?

I grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, living in a diverse neighborhood where many people shared different interests but there was one thing that most people loved which was football. Not far from the place I lived was a street football field where I spent most of my time.

A normal childhood day for me could be going to school, coming home getting something to eat, and then run to play street football. Then at around 5 p.m. I would have training at my professional club. After that, I would go home to eat dinner with my family, and then go right back to the street field and keep playing until my mom or dad came and picked me up to go home because it was time for me to sleep.

In the beginning there were a lot of people who played football but as we grew older, many people started to have different interests and were involved in different activities. At the end, only two people remained playing street football with me. They are still close friends of mine until today who are called Leonard James and Younes Namli. (Zwolle).

How did your dad impact you during your early days of playing football?

My dad always taught me how to play football, either through speaking about football or playing together. I used to sit on the grass with the ball watching my father play football.

He used to play professional football for Al Ahly before going to Denmark where he played some time in the professional level but couldn’t receive his player’s license. As a result, he didn’t continue to play football in the upper level for a long time. However, he continued playing part-time football even though he had other things to do. During that time, he decided to take me to play for the first time at a club when I was only four years old.

What was the first football shirt you wore?

I received my first football jersey from my dad, and it was a kit that had the name of the veteran footballer Romario. I got the shirt during the time he played for Barcelona.

How did you get to play at FC Copenhagen?

I was playing football on the street then a man passed by and sat to watch our game. After the match, he approached me and said that he wanted me to come play for FC Copenhagen. The next day I was a player for FC Copenhagen.

Why did you leave FC Copenhagen?

Due to receiving an injury when I was small, my growth as a footballer was halted. I didn’t develop a lot compared to the rest of the players. So, I decided to leave Copenhagen and join Lyngby, which is another team in FC Copenhagen.

Alexander Jakobson playing for Viborg FF – Jakobsen’s Facebook Page

Who was the manager that affected you the most during your teenage years?

The coach that affected me the most during my teenage years was Lyngby’s manager. He had faith in me and wanted me to stay with him. He used to ask me how much I wanted to become a professional footballer, and I used to tell him that I will give my maximum to become a professional player.

Like a school teacher, he would give me football homework regarding things such as: sprinting more without the ball and other small details.

During that period I performed very well and I had some good offers from different European clubs and that was when I decided to go to the Netherlands and play for PSV Eindhoven.

What was your journey like in PSV? How would you describe it?

My time in the Netherlands was a time where I learned a lot of things. PSV is considered to be one of the best places in the planet where you can play as a youth footballer. One would receive training from professional coaches like: Boudewijn
Zenden , Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Philippe Cocou. These managers had a very great career as players so when they give you advice you must listen.

So, why did you leave PSV?

Even though I got experience at PSV, the club couldn’t promise me playing time with the first team. So, I decided to go to a club where I would receive a lot of playtime with the first team.

What does playing regularly add to you as a player?

I received a lot of playtime at small clubs and that was where I learned a lot of things on and off the pitch. Things like: being better in defense, not having the ball all the time, and hating to lose in any game.

Alexander Jakobsen Number 18 – Jakobsen’s Facebook Account

What does it mean to play for the Egyptian national team?

For me it’s an honor to play for my country. I am proud to represent an amazing country like Egypt. We have a good squad full of quality players. I’m sure Egypt is going to do well in the coming years. Moreover, if I become part of the team and contribute in the future success then it will be a dream come true for me.

What is your next step as footballer? Why did you choose to join IFK Norrkoping?

My next step would be going to a club that keeps the ball a lot. Also my intention is to play at a club that wins consistently. I had many offers from different areas some offers where from bigger leagues, some from places I call money football and others with different values. In the end I saw Norrkoping as the ideal decision for me. Since it is a great club that developed many footballers. Additionally, the team has great fans and an amazing coach who I always wanted to play under. Lastly, it is a top club in Scandinavia and that will enable me to show myself as a player.

Did you receive any offers from Egyptian clubs before joining Norrkoping?

I had many offers from Egyptian clubs before joining Norrkoping. At the end, I decided to go to Norrkoping. You never know what will happen in the future, maybe one day I might come and play in Egypt.

Alexander Jakobsen (Number 18) with Egypt’s National Team – Jakobsen’s Facebook Page

What do you think will increase your chances in joining the Egyptian national team?

I think playing well in the Swedish league can increase my chances in joining the national team and it will show the world what kind of player I am and the abilities that I have. That was one of the main reasons to why I chose to take that step and play at Norrkoping. Also, I believe that everything comes step by step. So, I am very happy with joining Norrkoping.

What are your thoughts regarding your last camp with the Egyptian national team?

I had a good time in my last camp with the Egyptian team. I always want to do my best for the national team in every time I play for Egypt. I like Egypt a lot and it’s a special feeling for me to be selected. Currently, I am focusing on playing good and working hard every day to get better and better and then see what happens in the future.

What is your opinion on Egypt’s coaching staff?

The coaching staff and the surrounding people are great and they are currently doing well in their job for this beautiful country.

Finally, what is your current focus?

I am delighted with my new club and I will do everything possible to excel here. Also, I will do my best to achieve the club’s ambitions along with achieving my personal goals here at the club. I am working hard to show the world how great of a player I can be.

Alexander Jakobsen Number 70 – Jakobsen’s Facebook Page

Jakobsen scored a total of 13 goals and preformed 6 assists in a total of 103 professional matches played throughout his career, as reported from transfermarkt.com.



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