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Hassan Shehata close to managing MC Alger

Wed, Jul. 26, 2017
CAIRO –26 July 2017 The Egyptian National Team’s former manager Hassan Shehata is set to join MC Alger in the next few days.

According to Al-Hadaf, Algerian website, Kasy Saied, MC Alger club’s sporting director said that the club is close on reaching an agreement with Hassan Shehata to managing MC Alger.

Moreover, Karim Hassan Shehata spoke on July 24 to Sada El Balad saying, “MC Alger is a big club in Algeria. The officials of the club spoke with my father from two days ago and the negotiations there are going very well.”

Hassan Shehata’s son added to Sada el-Balad saying. “My father prioritized managing the national teams; however, MC Alger is the people’s team and has a big fan base. Along with it being sponsored by a petroleum company which means that all the requirements needed to succeed is available at the club.”

Zamalek’s veteran football player and manager Hassan Shehata is known for his great success with the Egyptian National Team winning three consecutive African Championships in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

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