Jumia Launches a Food Service to Enhance Its Role in the Egyptian Market


Sun, 07 Mar 2021 - 10:18 GMT

Jumia Food Service

Jumia Food Service

Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform has officially announced the launch of Jumia Food, a new service to deliver food from restaurants in Cairo, on the basis of the Egyptian market trust in Jumia since November, 2020.

Demand for food and groceries delivery increased since last year following the covid-19 outbreak as restrictions to contain the coronavirus kept most people indoors.

Jumia Food app features the same data used in all Jumia apps and can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone devices. It provides different types of food from major popular restaurants and is user-friendly.

Jumia is looking forward to fulfilling the food companies’ requests, via its logistics sector through food delivery service through Jumia app and JumiaPay app for electronic services and payments.

Eng. Hisham Safwat, CEO of Jumia Egypt, stated that “We have a great opportunity to grow our food delivery business in the Egyptian market and we will expand other services through the Jumia App to ensure the highest level of comfort and reassurance for our consumers.” He also added that “After the great success of Jumia in the retail business through its online platform and other food delivery services during the Coronavirus pandemic. All these circumstances were considered as a new challenge for Jumia to fulfill all the obligations to prove its success in a short time, as this market is known for its huge scale and rapid growth. In addition to Jumia’s great experience that distinguishes its platform from the competitors, to always be in the forefront.”

“According to Morgan Stanley, the food delivery market reached globally $ 45 billion in 2020. The Egyptian market, which has a population of more than 100 million, is nominated for delivery services growth, especially after the change of individual behavior in relying on digital platforms to order & deliver food within minutes. In addition, he pointed out that Jumia Food started its new services in Cairo during the fourth quarter of 2020 through a strategic partnership with McDonald's, Burger King and other brands.”




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