Let the wind carry you high with kite-surfing at Ras Sudr



Mon, 03 Jul 2017 - 01:30 GMT


Mon, 03 Jul 2017 - 01:30 GMT

Kite Surfing in Action – Omar Fattah

Kite Surfing in Action – Omar Fattah

CAIRO – 3 July 2017: Egypt ranks as one of the best kite-surfing destinations around the world due to its great all year round weather, shallow waters, and strong winds. Preparation for the sport doesn’t take much. All you need is a few stretches, good hydration, and some sun block to keep you safe against the many hours under the sun.

Touching the water – Omar Fattah

It is a life changing sport and a team builder. Because kite-surfing centers are located by bodies of water, it isn't only a place to work out, but also a place to relax and enjoy. Centers such as Soul kite surfing center in Ras Sudr, offers not only kite-surfing guided classes and tools but yoga, music, motivations and great healthy food.

Words are never enough to reflect the experience, serenity, tranquility, thrilling adrenaline rush, and sense of unity. The decision to hand yourself totally to the wind to pull you up above the water into the purity of the air with the wonderful view of the shore underneath is just the most freeing activity you could experience.

Kite Surfing jump – Omar Fattah

Kite-surfing requires no prerequisites to join, attracting people of all ages and fitness levels. Kites come in many sizes to adjust for the strength of the wind, while your body naturally grows stronger with practice.

“Most thrilling thing about it: The feeling of jumping high in the air. The world just pauses and everything becomes silent. it definitely works your body, especially your core muscles, legs, and back muscles,” Omar, a professional kite-surfer told Egypt Today.

Cups and medals – Omar Fattah

Egypt holds plenty of local and international kite-surfing competitions every year. The King of the Lagoon competition is held yearly at Soul kite-surfing center in Ras Sudr.

Omar has been kiting since 2005. He began competing in international competitions in 2013.

kite-surfing tools – Omar Fattah

Ras Sudr is particularly windy all year round. The coast offers perfect conditions for kite-surfing with a waist-deep sea at high tide and a shallow closed lagoon at low tide. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced kite-surfer it is your best destination.



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