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Sun, 02 Jul 2017 - 09:06 GMT


Sun, 02 Jul 2017 - 09:06 GMT

Lea-Jeanne Sachoton – Courtesy of Studio Emad Eddin

Lea-Jeanne Sachoton – Courtesy of Studio Emad Eddin

CAIRO – 2 July 2017: A weekend of mindfulness and healing for women is to take place at Studio Emad Eddin by the especially talented facilitator Léa-Jeanne Sachoton, on July 7-8.

A one year program of dancing will take place at Studio Emad Eddin, starting by a week of mindfulness and healing in appreciation of their effect on maintaining a healthy body and state of mind.

The power of now is to be appreciated as it should, by using practices like breath awareness, movement, guided sitting to name a few. Also getting to use the five senses in the best manner is one of the goals of the course.

Although its meant to reflect on the dancing course planned ahead, these techniques could be implemented in other aspects of everyday life, such as focusing at work or classes and dealing with common everyday stresses. It definitely would give you a new fresh eye to your life.

The best aspect of this course is that it helps women to explore everyday life with new vibrant colors and the taste of happiness with the wisdom to listening more to their bodies. Although no dancing techniques yet to be learned at this course, this is the core of dancing as it should. “We will allow the intuitive wisdom of our bodies to guide us and discover how mindful presence within can become a space for healing and creation where our whole self can dance and be fully alive,” said Studio Emad Eddin on their event page.

Facilitator Sachoton is a mindfulness facilitator and Intuitive Coach. She currently lives her life to teach people how to heal themselves and become more present.

Download application form here: http://bit.ly/DTSWeekend1En and email it here workshops@orientproductions.org .

Cost: LE 150 ($ 8.2) per weekend.



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