Bird heaven along Red Sea shore



Thu, 29 Jun 2017 - 08:43 GMT


Thu, 29 Jun 2017 - 08:43 GMT

Flocks of Migrating Cormorants crossing the Suez Gulf to Sinai – Ahmed Waheed

Flocks of Migrating Cormorants crossing the Suez Gulf to Sinai – Ahmed Waheed

CAIRO – 29 June 2017 : Nature and wild life photographer of Egypt Ahmed Waheed had captured a great collection of birds on the red sea shore and islands. A Sinai resident that has a sharp eye and long patience lead to those amazing shots to name a few of original birds in their natural habitat.

Caspian tern and chick Mahabes Island Hamata – Ahmed Waheed

Caspian tern is a common bird that lives near the sea and feeds mainly on fish of its own catch. The image shows a mother bird with its chick taken at an Island in Hamata, Egypt. Caspian tern bird is considered an indication of the weather in the deep sea. If it is seen roaming around the shores a specially windy day is coming ahead. This indication is useful to fisher men to avoid sailing deep on this day. Also it is sometimes seen flying around fishing ships to be given a fish of the men's catch.

2: Grey Heron at Ra's Mohamed national Park – Ahmed Waheed

Grey Heron, appearing in the image is one of few surviving birds of its own species. It is elaborately long usually up to a meter tall while standing that peacefully moves slowly, you would love to watch it for long. Grey Heron feeds on fish and small mammals.

Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) Abu Munqar Island – Ahmed Waheed

Spoonbill, a bird that is distinguished by its unique spoon like peak, it feeds by fishing in shallow water for small fish or insects, a small catch at a time that is why it requires a lot of fishing time per day to meet its feeding needs. Spoonbill could make use of both fresh and salty water and thus can be found both at seas and rivers.

So relax on a virgin island of the red sea and wait for the amazing birds to show up. Just imagine how life would have been if all of the Earth was left uninhabited.



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