Honeymoon on the Nile in the style of the ancient



Tue, 27 Jun 2017 - 10:09 GMT


Tue, 27 Jun 2017 - 10:09 GMT

Sunset on the Nile in Luxor - Monika Sleszynska

Sunset on the Nile in Luxor - Monika Sleszynska

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - 27 June 2017: It has never been easier to travel and the internet gives us all immediate access to a treasure trove of travel information. This combination of factors allows us to travel easily to even the most remote parts of the world. There is certainly something special about a holiday in an exotic location. Just the thought of being in such different surroundings is enough to get the heart racing with eager anticipation.

Choosing a honeymoon destination is the dream of a lifetime. Exotic nature locations are amongst the most popular. Secluded and far away tropical resorts, sandy beaches surrounded by water bungalows are heavenly settings. Eating a leisurely breakfast and dinner under the stars in a warm climate can engage all our senses.

Egypt has certainly got a place in the hearts of honeymooners. The resorts along the Red and Mediterranean Sea provide a variety of leisure and adventure activities, which can easily be combined with site seeing, thus adding to your magical time together. Those who long for more adventure can opt for a desert safari spending nights in a Bedouin tent.

Modern city life can make us crave serene settings where we can reinvigorate the senses. An environment of pure nature and sunny weather holds the keys to paradise. Don’t we all have an underlying longing to be free just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Traditional Egyptian boat Dahabeya Queen Fareeda - Michel Ghali

The wide selection of places can make a couple uncertain how to choose a unique honeymoon experience. While exotic cruises are a popular option, those who wish for a deeper connection with nature and somewhere that is far away from the crowds will find paradise on the Nile’s traditional boat Dahabeya. After all this is how Cleopatra and Caesar travelled along the Nile River. Dahabeya which means “the golden” was originally designed for the royal families of the XVIII century. Today the boat is enjoyed by couples, celebrities (like Paul McCartney) and diplomats for its privacy and nature providing for most ‘return to the past’ experience with all the necessary luxuries. Anyone who wishes to get away from the crowded travel routes and feel the pure beauty of nature, the boat Dahabeya will provide such a paradise experience.

Sunrise on the Nile in Esna - Monika Sleszynska

Sailing the Nile from Luxor or Esna to Aswan in a boat with no engine brings the promise of feeling life and nature in its purest form like it used to be. Enjoy the romantic ambience of a suite with a private balcony, adding candles and incense, so close to the Nile’s water that it can be touched with the palms of your hands. The boat sails slowly and stops next to friendly villages and small islands, which the bigger cruise boats can't reach.

Sailing the Nile from Luxor to Aswan - Monika Sleszynska

Being on the water provides for stunning mirror-like sunrise and sunset panoramas, a must for an ideal romantic nature setting. After dinner, the Dahabeya stops overnight in a very silent area where you can hear the sounds of the natural ancient garden of the earth. Perfect for star gazing at night by candle light, imagine relaxing on a wooden canoe in the embrace of the mystical waters of the Nile while listening to sounds from the trees, fish and birds. Besides the fresh juice and organic food provided by an attentive and authentic Egyptian chef you can expect extra treats, pleasant surprises and VIP treatment. Visits to the temples can be organized to your schedule. Egyptian dancing and a party can be arranged if you so wish.

Temple of Kom Ombo - Monika Sleszynska

What used to be reserved for the ancient rulers now is available for those who wish to celebrate their love just like the royals did. Couples who choose so may know for themselves if there was any connection to the secrets of Cleopatra’s charm with the River Nile. What could be more magical than getting away from the pollution of the modern world to the serene and mystical River Nile with your loved one?



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