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Thu, 04 Jun 2020 - 01:50 GMT


Thu, 04 Jun 2020 - 01:50 GMT

Some hotels in different Egyptian cities were allowed to receive a number of guests, after meeting health and safety standards – Courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism

Some hotels in different Egyptian cities were allowed to receive a number of guests, after meeting health and safety standards – Courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism

CAIRO – 4 June 2020: Ministry of Tourism released a video explaining all the precautionary measures taken to protect tourists when hotels operate after a long suspension due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Hotels will operate when they meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Ministry of Health and Population in accordance with the World Health Organization guidelines.

To watch the video, check below:

The video said that the first thing to re-assure tourists that hotels are following the precautionary measures is the Hygiene Safety Certificate.

The hotels are awarded a health safety certificate, after fulfilling the required health regulations approved by the Cabinet in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

File- Hygiene Safety Logo

The Hygiene Safety Logo shows the sun disk blessing Egypt with its warm weather and providing its open-air places with their unique characteristics. This is in addition to Ankh, Udja and Senep that represent Life, Prosperity & Health to provide the hotels with the safety seal.

Hotels will provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizers. Public areas will be disinfected every hour, and only 50 percent of the elevator capacity will be allowed as a maximum load.

Special check-in procedures

According to the Ministry of Tourism, check-in will be done electronically or using disposable pens.

Guests’ temperature is taken before entering the hotel, and any luggage is sterilized before checking in and out of the hotel.

As for housekeeping, rooms are cleaned daily using Prevention of Spread of Infection (POSI) tools, and are disinfected after check-out.

Hotels are providing steam machines to clean fabrics, and furniture linens and towels are washed at a high temperature.

Guidelines for restaurants and cafes

According to the video, tables are spaced two meters apart with one meter between chairs.

Sanitizers are placed on each table, and Shisha (Hookah) is prohibited.

Swimming pools & beaches: are they safe?

Swimming pools and beaches will be opened with regular maintenance and disinfection of swimming pools.

Areas surrounding swimming pools and beaches are cleansed regularly.

Sunbeds are spaced two meters apart, while beach towels are delivered to rooms.

Gym and spa services

Surfaces and equipment of the gym are cleaned and disinfected every hour.

Equipment is properly spaced, and showering is not allowed. Jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, and massage session are suspended.

If a hotel guest gets sick, what should be done?

Each hotel has a resident doctor, and an onsite clinic. A designated hotel nearby or hotel floor is allocated for quarantine of minor, non-critical and suspected cases. Also, there are hospitals within close proximity.

Safety measures with workers

Workers returning from vacation are quarantined before resuming work; and workers’ temperature is taken daily.

Employees are educated on symptoms and precautionary measures against COVID-19, and separate housing is provided for employees.



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