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Sat, 24 Jun 2017 - 07:00 GMT


Sat, 24 Jun 2017 - 07:00 GMT

Radwa Fathi with the kids- Facebook page

Radwa Fathi with the kids- Facebook page

CAIRO - 24 June 2017:- Radwa Fathi, etiquette trainer and life coach, has been holding etiquette camps for kids for three years now and as an entrepreneur in this area, she is well known for her different methods for teaching etiquette and manners to kids through interactive and simple methods.

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Radwa Fathi with the kids- Facebook page

“ We use non-direct approachesfor teaching , we instill ethics and behavior through experience, observation and activities” Radwa Fathi told Egypt Today.

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Radwa Fathi and co-teachers and kids- Facebook page

She added that in the “playing area etiquette camp”, they take the kids to the actual playground and start filming them while playing, then they make them watch the videos and observe their behavior whereby they start criticizing themselves.

“ Today we had a forgiveness session in the camp where Yasin shazly of nine years old, came as a speaker and a role model for the other kids in the camp, telling his story of how he managed to forgive a friend when he caused him an injury to his face .” Radwa Fathi said "when I looked into his eyes I knew how afraid and in pain he was, so I reached out to him and told him 'don’t be afraid, I forgive you'”.

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Kids Mandala workshop-Facebook page

Radwa Fathi added that in the camps children are taught how to get in touch with others feelings and how to appreciate that everyone has their own flaws. In addition to training the kids on other basic skills like budgeting, presentations and body language , there is a specialized camp called "Little Entrepreneur” teaching kids how to be a manager of small projects.( video link below)

Together with her co-teachers, Radwa Fathi is helping raise the consciousness of parents too, by giving them accurate feedback and providing them with proper guidance on how to deal with their children.

Nihal Osman, mother of an eight year old girl in the camp, told Egypt Today that in the camps they learn manners and social intelligence, not through a direct approach but through teamwork and interactions, they learn table manners and playing area manners too.

“Parents report that usually kids stay in a relaxed mood after the camp for two to three months, which is very good feedback, especially for boys” Radwa Fathi said.
Kids seem to enjoy the camps very much, and are proud of themselves when they exhibit good manners and behavior in daily life.

Adel Gogo , nine years old, proudly stated that after attending the camps for a while he started appreciating other people and does not react unless he first thinks about why the other person is acting in a certain way. And he told a story of an experience which he went through when during a football match where he noticed that, his opponent of the same age, was afraid and had little self confidence, so Adel let him win the first part of the match to gain self confidence.

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Kids Trip to Violette flower shop- Facebook page

Radwa Fathi added that one of the funniest thing that happened, was when a four year old girl after learning about the concept of personal space, wouldn't let her father who was a doctor attend to her, saying that this is her personal space and no one can come near her .

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Learning charity work- Facebook page

Alia Kassem, 12 years old, told Egypt Today that she was shy and did not have a lot of communication skills but after attending the camps for a while and studying body language and presentation skills she now is working as a T.V. presenter for Alexandria Local Channel.

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Raising awareness about sexual abuse workshop- Face book page

Video link for Little “entrepreneur”



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