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Sun, 18 Jun 2017 - 02:31 GMT


Sun, 18 Jun 2017 - 02:31 GMT

That poppy - Creative Commons via Wikimedia

That poppy - Creative Commons via Wikimedia

We all know the new creepy sensation Poppy with her hit songs “Lowlife,” “Money,” “ Chewing Gum,” “American Kids” and “I’m Poppy.” If you have seen Poppy’s YouTube channel, then you must have wondered who That Poppy is.

Many thought Poppy is a sixteen-year-old because of her video ‘’Happy Birthday to Poppy” , as she wrote in the description “1/1/01,” which many people assume is her birthday. Poppy is actually twenty-two! That is hard to believe due to her odd and creepy behavior, much like a nine or ten-year-old.

Now that we know how old she is, didn’t you wondered whether Poppy was her real name? Surprisingly, No! Her real name is Moriah Pereira. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee in the U.S. I myself couldn’t believe this was real! Thanks to the way she portrays Poppy.

I myself have come to wonder how on EARTH Poppy was discovered, gained fame on the web and in multiple radio stations although I’m pretty sure it was through some dark magic that helped her or even created her - I’m just joking around. She was discovered through Titanic Sinclair, a successful music artist and director. He has worked on the Mars Argo project in 2007.

On her YouTube channel, many people believe she is being controlled by the Illumanati, and people have dropped hints that Poppy doesn’t like this and wants to run away. In a video of hers named “They have taken Control,’’ Poppy stands still while a voice is speaking.It does not sound like Poppy although it is a female voice. It says, and I quote, “You will pledge your allegiance to Poppy, You will do anything Poppy says, Poppy loves you and will always love you, Poppy welcomes you into her universe, Feel the love of Poppy flow through you, Feel the pulse of the internet as we become one, Prepare yourself for programming sequence two, (9 seconds pass) programming complete!’’ Poppy has the same expression on her face through out the whole video.

In another video named “I’m Not Lying to You,’’ a skull speaks words that cannot be understood unless they are reversed; and when they are reversed, what the skull says is “the next word I am going to say is Yes,’’ which might relate to when Poppy asked the skull, “Is the next word you’re going to say No?’’

Poppy hides a lot of things that suggest that she is in fact being controlled by the Illumanati, such as referring to someone or something as ‘”they.” For example, a question was asked to Poppy, “What do you see in your clothes?’’ (as she wears odd clothes), she answered, “They pick them out for me.’’

In my point of view, Poppy is a good singer. I do believe that she is being controlled and that there should be more investigation regarding Poppy. Even though her identity states that she is a totally different person, that’s not enough to prove that she isn’t being controlled by some weird society!

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