Huawei's All-New Y6s Comes to Egypt with Abundant Storage, Refined Design, Standout Features

Sun, Jan. 26, 2020
CAIRO - 26 January 2020: Huawei introduced a new member to its popular, entry-level Y lineup, with the official release of the HUAWEI Y6s. Much like its predecessors, the Y6s offers reliable and responsive smartphone performance in an affordable package, for effortless daily tasks and invigorating leisure, from premium gaming and photography, to heightened audiovisual capabilities. The Y6s's gorgeous 6.09'' HD minimal-bezel dewdrop display makes it a beauty to behold, bolstered by powerful performance and expansive memory. The wafer-thin 8-mm phone comes in two classic color schemes: Starry Black and Orchid Blue.


Save more memories on your phone

If you're concerned about memory and storage on your current phone, you can take comfort in knowing that the HUAWEI Y6s offers 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a memory card slot capable of adding an additional 512 GB of storage, for carefree use – all the time. When compared with most entry-level phones, which pack a meager 2 GB of RAM, the HUAWEI Y6s runs more intensive tasks, and with less lag. It also packs Huawei's Extendable Read-Only File System (EROFS), for blistering random read speeds, and unique space-saving capabilities, which puts an additional approximately 2 GB of memory at your disposal.
Octa-core processor + EMUI 9.1: Intelligent and better performance as the new norm
The HUAWEI Y6s features an impressive array of both hardware and software. It packs a new octa-core processor, with enhanced 2.3 GHz large cores, running on the intelligent EMUI 9.1 system – silky smooth operations in a seamless flow. The phone intelligently clears system cache in the background, and automatically defragments the system. When storage space falls below 30%, the system will remind you to delete unnecessary files, in order to ensure that it runs optimally. EMUI 9.1 also offers navigation gestures for easier navigation.

HUAWEI SuperSound: Sparkling audio at high volume levels

Despite its compact size, the HUAWEI Y6s packs a wallop, with sparkling audio in every conceivable scenario. HUAWEI SuperSound technology raises the HUAWEI Y6s's highest speaker volume by 6 dB, and doubles the sound pressure level .
But most remarkably, audio quality isn't compromised at higher volume levels. A unique audio system design, works with a superlinear speaker, to deliver robust music, with rich bass and searing alto that stimulates, rather than overwhelms.
The HUAWEI Y6s comes equipped with a 3020 mAh (typical value) battery. Thanks to AI power-saving technology, the model boasts an even lengthier battery life than one would assume.

Rear Fingerprint sensor built into stylish two-tone design

Along with the Face Unlock upfront which intelligently increases brightness in low-light conditions for faster unlocking, the rear of the phone houses the rear fingerprint sensor, which adds an extra level of security to your device. Capable of unlocking in a flash, the fingerprint sensor is located in an easy to access location, making it even easier to start using your HUAWEI Y6s.

The rear of the phone is more than just that. Its stylish two-tone design is a continuation of the Huawei’s flagship design ID, which is fashionable, beautiful and functional.

An eye-catching display that's easy on the eyes

The HUAWEI Y6s features a 6.09'' HD display with a 1560 x 720 resolution. Its front camera, ambient light sensor, and super-slim receiver are all housed in a miniscule dewdrop notch, enabling a soaring screen-to-body ratio of nearly 90% [calculated by dividing the active area (AA) by the touch panel (TP) area]. When combined with the slimmed-down side bezels, the HUAWEI Y6s offers an endlessly absorbing viewing experience. The only downside of the immersive display is that it can be too appealing, and the kind of extended viewing that could strain your vision. Fortunately, the Y6s features Eye Comfort mode and is TÜV Rheinland certified for its low blue light. It effectively filters out harmful blue light, and intelligently adjusts the color temperature and brightness to reduce eye fatigue.

13 MP rear camera: Excellent performance at all hours

The HUAWEI Y6s's 13 MP rear camera provides for crystal-clear imaging along with a high resolution. The f/1.8 aperture lens facilitates enhanced light sensitivity, admitting 50% more light compared with the standard f/2.2 aperture lens seen in most budget models. More light means that imaging quality remains stellar in dark and low light environments.

The HUAWEI Y6s sports an 8 MP front camera. Assisted by the screen light, the camera accentuates the subject in even the most challenging conditions.
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