'No need' for new travel companies in Egypt, licenses ceased in 2020


Thu, 23 Jan 2020 - 02:45 GMT

Egypt Tourism - CC

Egypt Tourism - CC

CAIRO - 23 January 2020: Licenses for new tourist companies will cease to be produced for a year because Egypt does not need more of them at this time.

The Official Gazette published a decree by Tourism Minister Khaled Enani on Thursday, stating that the decision will last for only one year.

The minister consulted travel agencies, tourist companies, and the Egyptian Tourism Federation before making the decision.

The decree was first issued in 2011, only one year after the tourism boom in 2010 when 14.73 million tourists visited the country. The decree has been renewed ever since.
Tourism is making a strong come back, as around 12 million tourists arrived in Egypt in 2019, with expectations that the number will significantly increase in 2020.



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