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Thu, 31 Oct 2019 - 02:14 GMT


Thu, 31 Oct 2019 - 02:14 GMT

FILE: The Valley of Maliha, 55km north of Hurgada, Red Sea

FILE: The Valley of Maliha, 55km north of Hurgada, Red Sea

CAIRO – 31 October 2019: The Red Sea Governorate, especially its capital, Hurgada, is characterized by a charming nature, with its astonishing marine and wild nature that placed it among the best tourist attractions in the world.

North of the city of Hurgada, 55 km, within a huge area called Kobat Al-Nakhla, lies the valley of Abu Maliha, which has a unique nature; it has a lake of rain water interspersed among palm trees.

Head of the Tour Guides Syndicate, Bashar Abu Taleb, said this particular valley has its own magic, it is placed within the extension of Jebel Al-Dokhan and Jebel Shayeb Al-Banat, which is also called Everest of the Red Sea.

He added that the area is a usual destination for nature lovers, explorers and geologists, because of the mountains surrounding it, with their distinctive geological diversity.

He continued in an interview with Egypt Today that the place is so rare that if it were not only for the tribesmen, this location would be still unknown.

Abu Taleb explained that the area is “an oasis of paradise that lacks marketing and supply, and needs to be known to tourists, and put on the list of tourist programs.”

For his part, Ayman Moawad, a senior Juhayna tribesman, said that the valley of Maliha provides a psychological rest for its visitors.

Moawad added that the valley is concentrated in the areas and collects rain water that falls on the mountain heights, which led to the growth of mountain trees and palms and the preservation of water amid greenery line in an exquisite painting.

For his part, tourism expert, Essam Ali, said that the valley Maliha, if included in the list of tourism programs, will be on top of international tourist attractions, especially with the variety of marine activity available.



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