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Mazeej Hotel is the first architectural feature of its kind in the North Coast

Wed, Aug. 7, 2019
6August, 2019 (Cairo, Egypt) – Palm Hills Developments, the leading real estate company in Egypt, announces the completion and grand opening of Mazeej Hotel in Hacienda White, North Coast. The hotel is a collaboration with Palm Hills Developments and G’nK Hospitality to comply with the national strategy to promote and facilitate international tourism.

Located on an area of 4,000sqm in Hacienda White, Mazeej Hotel provides a variety of amenities and facilities including 38 rooms, 4 suites, a private lagoon, and gourmet restaurants.

Palm Hills Developments Chairman, Yaseen Mansour states, “Our diverse portfolio is one of the unique strengths of Palm Hills Developments and is what makes us Egypt’s premier real estate company. With the latest addition of Mazeej Hotel, we have expanded to new industries while retaining our notorious standard of implementation.” He added, “As with all our projects, Palm Hills Developments guarantees the luxury and safety of Mazeej Hotel.”

Palm Hills Developments has 15 completed projects across Cairo and the Red Sea with each development fulfilling the company’s adherence to international standards, cementing its excellent reputation as the leading real estate developer in the Egyptian market committed to creating positive customer experiences.

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