et monitors recommendations to protect citrus from climate change



Wed, 10 Jul 2019 - 09:17 GMT


Wed, 10 Jul 2019 - 09:17 GMT



CAIRO - 10 July 2019: The Ministry of Agriculture urged spreading awareness of the threats that climate change poses on agriculture, as well as the different measures needed to protect agriculture. Developing agricultural land comes at the top of the measures.

et monitored a number of recommendations issued by the Central Administration of Horticulture and Agricultural Crops for citrus farmers during the current period, especially on fertilization, irrigation and pest control methods to increase production and protect the crop from climatic changes.

The following came among the recommendations:It is necessary to pay attention to the early morning or before sunset heat and avoid irrigation at the time of heat increase; it is recommended to spray a powder solution on the trees to resist sun rays.

Also,when fertilizing the citrus trees that are drip irrigated 2 kg of sulfate, 1 kg of iron sulfate, 1 kg of zinc sulfate and 1 kg of manganese sulfate are added to the first irrigation; while 3 kg of fertilizer 19 19 19 are added to the second irrigation;3 kg of potassium sulfate and 2 liters of phosphoric acid are added to the third irrigation; the fourth irrigation is done without fertilization, and 2 kg of calcium nitrate are added to the fifth irrigation.

The recommendations also included the program of trees irrigation, where 1-2 year-old trees need 32 liters, 2-3 year-old trees need 40 liters, 3-4 year-old trees need 48 liters, 4 year-old trees need 5-6 liters, 5-6 year-old trees need 64 liters, 6-7 year-old trees need 72 liters, 7-10 year-old trees need 84 liters, while trees of more than 10 years of age need 100 liters.

In the same context, Environment Minister Yassmin Fouad said earlier that Egypt is abiding by its international commitments in the field of climate change within the framework of agreements on climate action and the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS): Egypt Vision 2030.

She further underlined that "Cairo Climate Talks" aim at creating a societal dialogue to raise awareness of climate change and its impact.


Cairo Climate Talks is a series of monthly events meant to provide a platform to exchange experience, raise awareness and foster cooperation between policymakers, the business community, the scientific community and the civil society.

Egypt is an ideal example of a developing country that is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and faces numerous threats to its economic, social and environmental sustainability, including energy, water and food security.



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