Al Qanater Al Khairiya gardens to witness developments


Sun, 07 Jul 2019 - 07:30 GMT

Al Qanater Al Khairiya - SIS

Al Qanater Al Khairiya - SIS

CAIRO – 7 July 2019: Developments are announced to be executed in the frequently visited gardens of Al Qanater Al Khairiya in Cairo, which is considered
a favorite destination for Egyptian families during holidays and weekends. The announcement of renewing the gardens was made by the Ministry of Irrigation and Water resources.

With little known about the details of the new developments to be witnessed in the gardens, the municipal authorities said they will improve the planning and facilities of the gardens to better serve the visitors.

While the development process has kicked off, and still ongoing, the ticket prices were raised to LE10 for adults instead of LE5, while children are granted free entry. However, the ticket of the Afla garden was raised to LE20 after the introduction of the Ahl Misr corniche which had cost LE1.4 million.

Al Qanater Al Khairiya means in Arabic "The Dams of Welfare," and is also known as Delta Barrages. They are located in Qalyubiya governorate, which is part of Greater Cairo. Al Qanater Al Khairiya lies where "the Nile splits off into the Damietta and Rosetta (or Rashid) Branches, marking the beginning of the Nile Delta," as indicated the website of the State Information Service (SIS).

The barrages were built in 1840 to spare water and protect the Delta from floods. They consist of holes that allow the distribution of water to the west, center and east of the Delta. They are divided into two sections. One is connected to the Damietta Branch while the other is linked to Rosetta Branch. The area has a wide range of gardens, parks and agricultural area.



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