INFINIX S4: Expression with 32MP SELFIE and triple rear camera, security, reliability, speed



Thu, 30 May 2019 - 03:20 GMT


Thu, 30 May 2019 - 03:20 GMT

Infinix S4- Press photo

Infinix S4- Press photo

CAIRO - 30 May 2019: Since they emerged, smartphones have been a part of how we introduce ourselves to the world. With every development in smartphones, we trained our minds to make the most of smartphones’ capabilities, simultaneously aspiring for more. But the real challenge was to find the right smartphone that could enhance the user’s character and reflect their ideas boldly.

When touchscreens were first introduced, they completely changed how we perceived and utilized smartphones. There was a similar transformative shift with the development of smartphone intelligence, specifically cameras infused with AI for better image detection and optimization, among other features.

Infinix, a brand that has been continuously providing cutting-edge technology to consumers, is about to empower them by introducing the impressive 32MP Selfie camera, quite a historic feat that can barely be rivalled.


Infinix S4 is set to change the selfie scene with its 32MP AI selfie camera that has significantly higher intelligence with automatic detection capabilities.

The Revolutionary INFINIX 32MP selfie smartphone will help its holder to easily stand out from the crowd with its stylish and trendy design. With various and endless capabilities, the new revolutionary INFINIX 32MP is an incredible value for money, designed for those who want to stand out, reach out and be in sync with the world.

The phone comes with a 6.2’ waterdrop display screen, a triple rear camera for much better portrait images, a fast octa-core processor, a 4000mAh battery power and an upgraded XOS 5.0 software for a seamless operation experience.
For better performance INFINIX S4 comes with extraordinary storage, which consider to be the best choice for anyone who wants to keep variety of choices just near to his hand, of which all could be reached in a super-fast way thanks to the amazing speed offered in the smartphone.

INFINIX S4 comes with all features that could mean the world to anyone who wants to try all the newly released apps without feeling that his smartphone is not working as fast as you want it to be. Enjoying 6GB Ram will never disappoint a user with an edge to experience all new.

Infinix is set to assert itself in the competitive smartphone market that had been hemmed by its rivals, providing its customers with an empowerment device to that would not just elevate their selfie skills, but also help position them on the spotlight.

The S4 is set to challenge the smartphones currently dominating the mid end category, and claim its rightful spot among the top stunning smartphones this year. Infinix has done very well in the past in the entry level category with its SMART and HOT series options. The S series branched out of the HOT series to focus on selfie optimization. The S4 is all about creating the ultimate superior selfie for a purpose, which is to create an empowerment potential for our consumers. When a selfie is taken on the S4, it will be one of a kind, the kind that might turn one into a social media star.

Infinix prioritizes helping the tech+smart lifestyle lovers express who they are, as well as for empowering them to be who they want to be via smart devices.

Imagine vivid selfies that can be captured with the 32MP AI selfie camera, such a big capacity with 1.6um ultra pixels and an F2.0 aperture. The camera has a far much higher capacity for light intake and absorption, producing such surreal selfies that can only be fantasized about.

The advanced Samsung S5KGD1 sensor as well the 5P optical lens gives the best contrast and resolution ratios for optimal image refinement. The triple 13MP+8MP+2MP rear camera is an added bonus, permitting the capturing of far wider angles than what is normally possible with an ordinary dual camera.

The triple cameras are responsible for depth, distance and field of view respectively, with the S4 allowing for up to 120°capture. Portrait images from the S4 could be exported to the gallery directly, therefore could easily empower a struggling amateur photographer’s career.

The glossy dual glass like design is an icing on the cake. It gives the S4 such a royalty appearance, essentially positioning it on the same level as the high-end smartphones.

Empowerment is not possible without reliable power, and Infinix has never disappointed with its battery power. The S4 has incorporated a Smart power management system that helps optimize power utilization by automatically inducing inactive status for apps not in use and halting their background data uptake. In other words, only the needed power is consumed each time the phone is in use, a true innovation that empowers the green environment conservation movement.

Better security is no longer an option but a must have in a gadget, the S4 has infused an algorithm that can detect up to 1024 data points on the face, significantly increasing its facial detection accuracy. The face unlock function in combination with the fingerprint lock technology,together provide solid security for all the data stored in the device.

Infinix is committed to continuously integrate fashion and technology for intelligent lifestyle experiences to those who are never afraid of expressing themselves or their thoughts. Being bold and stylish needs a smartphone that understands the nature of its owner and never disappoint.



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