250 archaeological missions from 25 countries work in Egypt: Antiquities min.


Mon, 22 Apr 2019 - 03:50 GMT

FILE- Minister of Antiquities Khaled el Anany

FILE- Minister of Antiquities Khaled el Anany

CAIRO, 22 April 2019: Minister of Antiquities Khaled el Anany said Monday the number of foreign missions working in Egypt in the fields of archaeological excavation rose to an unprecedented number.

During the inauguration of the fourth forum of archaeological missions in Egypt, the minister said some 250 missions from 25 countries, including 80 Egyptian ones, are working at many archaeological sites across the country.

The minister said the forum gives a chance for all missions to exchange expertise in the field of excavation, pointing out that a total of 23 researches had been exchanged.

Experts from France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, the United States, Switzerland and other countries attended the forum.



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