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Sat, 03 Jun 2017 - 08:37 GMT


Sat, 03 Jun 2017 - 08:37 GMT

Salt lamps in a Siwa bazaar – Noha Ragab

Salt lamps in a Siwa bazaar – Noha Ragab

By Noha Ragab

CAIRO – 3 June 2017: Siwan salt lamps are gifts of nature, native to the ancient oasis located in one of the most exquisite areas in Egypt’s Western Desert.

The salt is collected from the Siwa salt lake, which is believed to be one of the most powerful natural healing places in the world. People come from all over the world to enjoy the healing qualities of the salt lakes in Siwa.

“This industry has been growing in the past few years, after the increased awareness of the effect of salt lamps on health,” said Awam Moussa, the owner of a bazaar at the ruins of the ancient town of Shali which overlooks present-day Siwa.

The ruins of the ancient town of Shali – Hanan Fayed

“Today, the demand is increasing in big cities. New designs and sizes are being created to match the market demand,” said the Siwan trader, better known as Awam.

Awam Moussa, owner of a Siwa bazaar – Noha Ragab

Besides being an impressive piece of decor at home, salt lamps possess very unique healing qualities. There is a strong belief in certain circles that they generate negative ions in the air which neutralize positive ions created by electronic devices like computers, televisions, and microwaves, alleviating problems such as allergies, stress and sleep trouble.

A salt crystal from the Siwan salt lake – Hanan Fayed

Salt combined with the light source inside the lamp is what produces the healing effects. The resulting heat attracts moisture, and the evaporation of water through the salt emits negative ions.

People swimming in the salt lake – Egypt Today

“Now the salt lamps and candle holders are made in different colors and customized designs, too,” Awam said.

Lamps and candle holder on salt stand in a bazaar at Shali – Noha Ragab

The bigger the lamp or candle holder, the more negative ions produced, with some as tall as one meter high. People who have tried Siwan salt lamps say they felt its effect within an hour after they placed a lamp or two in a room as they purify the air and refresh the space.

Another view of the Siwan salt lake – Hanan Fayed



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