A Hijabi's Guide to Packing for a Weekend Getaway!



Thu, 01 Jun 2017 - 08:09 GMT


Thu, 01 Jun 2017 - 08:09 GMT

A suitcase - photo courtesy of Unsplash

A suitcase - photo courtesy of Unsplash

CAIRO-1 June 2017: I've packed a suitcase enough times that I've basically got it down to a science. Break your packing down into sections to help you stay organized (and sane! yes... I hate packing just like the rest of you). Here are my how-to's and time-saving tips for every hijabi jetsetter!

1) The Essentials - I keep these essentials in my purse so they're close-by at all times. I like to take a large purse that coordinates with everything so I don't have to pack an extra purse (unless I'm packing a formal outfit and need a small evening bag!)

o - Passport / ID
o - House Keys
o - Wallet
o - Cell Phone / Charger
o - Camera / Battery Charger
o - Medicine (I also take Vitamins, especially Vit C to help boost my immune system)
o - Sunglasses / Glasses
o - Lip Balm / Hand Lotion (the plane makes you super dry!)
o - Book / Magazine
o – If you're not fasting take gum (To help your ears from popping on the plane!)

2) Clothing
Plan out all your outfits beforehand. This will help you bring precisely what you need and nothing more. If all you're taking is a carry-on, you definitely don't want to check that in, so the less you have to pack the better. Check the weather of your destination and plan accordingly. I like to try everything on and take photos, sometimes seeing yourself in a photo helps you decide on an outfit you're unsure about. If you use your phone you can refer back when you're at your destination getting dressed to remember exactly what you put together, including your accessories and hijab.

When it comes to hijabs, pack only the hijabs that coordinate with the outfits you've planned. It's so easy to throw in a bunch of hijabs so you'll have more choices but it'll only be a source of confusion later as well as unnecessary extra weight.
Pack only outfits you feel comfortable and confident in - you don't want to spend the day adjusting or fidgeting with your outfit (or hijab!) - especially when you're on vacation. Also, try to pack items that cross-coordinate like a pair of pants, a blazer or shoes that you'll wear more than once to save space.

3) Accessories / Toiletries
Travel accessories have become a huge business - with Passport holders, pillbox and contact lens travel kits - it's easy to get caught up and think you need everything. You don't.

For make-up, I take only the essentials - it's easy to want to take everything and think you might use it, but chances are - you'll stick to the basics. If you want more options, take a great eye shadow palette or other make-up palettes. If you really want to get nitpicky, plan out the make-up look you'll want for each day when you plan your outfits and set those things aside.

4) Don't forget these items!
• Prayer Clothes and Prayer Rug - don't be lazy and wear your pajamas and a pashmina to pray. Bring proper prayer clothes and a prayer rug (ew hotel carpets!) and pray as you would at home so you don't get your prayer rhythm off balance while you're away.

• Compass - if your phone doesn't have a built-in compass, be sure to bring one so you know what direction to pray.
• Hijab Pins - I keep a bunch of safety pins, straight pins and plastic hijab pins in an old mini altoids tin box and always take it with me when traveling. I usually throw in a mini sewing kit just in case!
• Laundry Bag - Not every hotel has a laundry bag so be sure to bring some sort of bag for your laundry. (I love the Hendri Bendel Travel Bags, right)
• Flip Flops - Even if you're not beach bound, be sure to pack a pair of flip flops or slippers for the hotel.

This article was originally written by Melanie Elturk and published on Haute Hijab

photo Courtesy of Haute Hijab
Photo Courtesy of Haute Hijab



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