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Sun, 09 Dec 2018 - 09:54 GMT


Sun, 09 Dec 2018 - 09:54 GMT

Dahab- Courtesy of Forbes official website

Dahab- Courtesy of Forbes official website

CAIRO – 9 December 2018:Egypt is a crystal-blue gem surrounded by harsh, beautiful desert while the cotton-candy sky highlights the brilliant water color and the coral reefs below.

The country is rich with breathtaking beaches and incredible destinations that you have to see. These unique areas distinguish Egyptfrom other countries in the region.

According to Forbes Middle East,Egypt has four of the top beaches across its beautiful coastline.

• Sharm El-Luli:

The destination is distinguished with vivid yellow sands and water in so many shades of blue, along with the smooth shore speckled with a sampling of rock formations, shallow warm waters and the vast coral reef where visitors can do snorkeling and diving.

• Blue Hole:

Dahab is famous for the Blue Hole, a 110-meter dive site drawing adventurous travelers from around the globe; it is considered to be one of the prime dive spots in the world.

It draws visitors who come to enjoy the tranquil beauty both above and below water.

Besides diving, windsurfing draws people to sail along its golden sandy shores and enjoy the laid-back vibe due in part to its native Bedouin tribes that have lived in the area for 800 years.

• Fjord Bay:

Fjord Bay in Taba is home to some of the best diving sites in the world. Dive 12 meters to the banana-shaped reef or dive 24 meters to the famous Fjord hole to enjoy watching thousands of unique marine creatures.

• Agiba Beach:

Agiba beach retains Egypt’s cultural essence — tucked on the Egyptian shore alongside the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea. Located in MarsaMatruh,Agiba stands on the famous rock and looks over the water like Cleopatra did 2000 years ago, imagining how she lived in this luxury in ancient Egypt. “Agiba” means miracle in Arabic.

Dahab, best destination ever

If you want to dive, Dahab is your inevitable destination,anotable place where you can own realms of fancy and joy. You can access all facilities with budget price - dive shops like Red Sea Relax’s dive center only charge €25 (less than $30) a dive. So, it doesn’t get much better than that. It is more than being a fair share of great sites; Dahab is a diver's paradise.



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