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Wed, 07 Nov 2018 - 11:47 GMT


Wed, 07 Nov 2018 - 11:47 GMT

Vodafone Egypt has just been recognised as a Certified Top Employer in 2019

Vodafone Egypt has just been recognised as a Certified Top Employer in 2019

CAIRO - 7 November 2018: Vodafone Egypt has just been recognised as a Certified Top Employer in 2019. Although exciting and impressive, this does not come as a surprise for those who work or have worked in Vodafone Egypt, or even use Vodafone Egypt, for we have, time and time again, seen the company thrive to be the best and to support its employees through creating a safe space within which they can operate.

A happy employee, Vodafone Egypt believes, is a productive employee, and a productive employee, makes for a happy customer.


Established more than 25 years ago, the Top Employers Institute has certified over 1,500 organizations in 118 countries and is among the most prestigious human resource (HR) awards out there.

Still, this is not at all new for Vodafone Egypt. After all, the company has been the employer of choice for the last five years in a number of different renowned awards and holds the Top Employer Certification Award from Top Employer Global Institute.

On the international scene, Vodafone is also doing most of the groundwork for companies by leading the way in employee satisfaction.

The prestigious company has led other companies worldwide by demonstrating a positive and diverse workplace culture, talent strategy, career and succession management, and compensation and benefits. Most often, Vodafone is cited for its more than excellent support of women in the workplace.

Between ensuring that women are supported in the workplace, to providing working mothers with an on-site nursery, to a longer-than-normal paid maternity leave, to producing opportunities for women through developmental courses and training programs, Vodafone Egypt has more than earned the Certified Top Employer in 2019 Award for its stellar employee conditions.

In Vodafone Egypt, women hold about 50% of the senior positions; a fact that strongly supports the company’s women economic empowerment and social empowerment messages, which we have seen them carry out through their giving-back-to-the-community programs, as well as their internal and external strategies.

Vodafone Egypt does not simply aim to empower women, they strive for excellence at all levels, and to support all their employees by providing them with appropriate opportunities based on each individual’s needs.

As a result, the company, in accordance with the Egyptian government and Ministry of Manpower’s plan, dedicates 5% of its positions for individuals with special needs, including blind and visually impaired individuals.

Through providing fully accessible premises and a safe working environment for people with special needs, as well as investing in internationally-leading, state-of-the-art modern technology to transmit text and information displayed on computer screens into a form that is suitable for a visually impaired employee, Vodafone Egypt is playing a positive role towards the integration and empowerment of those with special needs.

Equity and equality in opportunity is key to creating a supporting and happy workplace for Vodafone Egypt.


Progressing, feeling appreciated and awarded, and having the chance to move up the ladder is a central focus of Vodafone Egypt, therefore, they provide employees with top-not personal and professional growth opportunities through online and classroom training programs. Through digital and more traditional platforms, Vodafone Egypt provides a multitude of learning and developing opportunities.

But that is not all. No, not even close. Vodafone Egypt, unlike most companies in Egypt, helps employees plan their career and future! The company helps employees find out about career options, possible employment routes, and teaches them how to progress within the industry. The company also offers plenty of training opportunities to ensure their employees gain the skills and experiences needed for them to reach their desires post.

Additionally, the reward scheme that Vodafone Egypt has in place helps keep individuals motivated and pushes them to work on becoming the best version of themselves.

As a company that pushes for the best, the well-being of employees is a central focus of Vodafone Egypt. Therefore, Vodafone Egypt has a Health & Safety team that works on optimizing the workplace atmosphere and ensuring a safe workplace that adheres to international office health and safety standards.

Put all these efforts together and one can simply see how Vodafone Egypt was able to land the Top Employer 2019 Award.

Between their excellent HR practices and strategies, their performance management, and their workforce planning, Vodafone Egypt was able to align their policies on an international scale and put their best foot forward, building a comfortable and safe workspace for employees to thrive.

As an independent certifying body, the Top Employers Institute awards companies that have a minimum standard, which is put in place by the Institute; the institute assesses participants through their global HR Best Practices Survey.


Commenting on why the awarded companies receive such a high award, CEO of Top Employers Institute David Plink said, “We believe that the 2019 certified organizations demonstrate exceptional employee conditions and encourage the development of these practices by putting their people first. These companies help enrich the world of work with their outstanding dedication to HR excellence and because of this, they are recognized as an employer of choice.”

Vodafone Egypt has earned its place on the list of awarded companies through their hard work and their employee-friendly strategies.

More importantly, Vodafone Egypt was able to earn its place in the hearts and minds of its employees.



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