Alicia Keys, family delighted over visit to Egypt



Fri, 31 Aug 2018 - 06:44 GMT


Fri, 31 Aug 2018 - 06:44 GMT

Alicia Keys and her husband in front of the pyramids on August 2018 – Alicia Keys on Instagram

Alicia Keys and her husband in front of the pyramids on August 2018 – Alicia Keys on Instagram

CAIRO - 31 August 2018: Gorgeous American singer Alicia Keys arrived in Egypt last week on summer vacation with her husband, music producer Swizz Beatz, and their two children Gensis Ali Dean and Egypt Daoud Dean, named after the ancient land.

The family has enjoyed exploring the vibes of ancient Egypt, starting from ridding camels to spending their nights traveling through the Nile River. They have also soaked in the Egyptian culture through dressing the traditional clothes of the Nubian people and learning a bit of Arabic.

As Swizz expressed love to his queen Alicia after eight years of marriage in front of the Great pyramids of Giza, he delivered a powerful massage to all men to support their partners and not be jelous of their success.

“Attention all MEN‼ You shouldn’t be jealous or upset if you have a Queen that’s successful , Smarter or better than you! What you should do is thank the most high or step your game up!” Swizz posted on Instagram.

For her part, Alicia said, “We have been Nesu and Nesa (Kings and Queens) for thousands of years! Greatness is in our DNA! Genius runs through our veins! This pic is exactly how I feel! Keep Shinin’ powerful YOU!!”

No caption capable of capturing the vibe 😋😋😍😍 @therealswizzz

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Moreover, the couple have enjoyed their time on a Nile cruise while Alicia danced while showing some belly dance movements.

Commenting on one of the photos taken during their trip to some ancient temple, Alicia said, “There’s so much to see. There’s so much to know... So much to uncover... So many ways to grow”

Tourism Minister Rania Al-Mashat warmly welcomed Alicia and her family to Egypt.



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