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Mon, 16 Jul 2018 - 09:38 GMT


Mon, 16 Jul 2018 - 09:38 GMT

Troubled Youth Programs: There's Hope for Everyone
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Troubled Youth Programs: There's Hope for Everyone - CC

CAIRO – 16 July 2018: Adolescence is the most critical stage in the lives of young people as many changes occur in their bodies and minds; it also is a challenging period for parents, especially mothers.

At this dangerous stage, teenagers are looking for ways to be independent, so they may be more rebellious than usual.

Your teenagers are not children anymore; parents should avoid things that might stand in the way of smooth communicate with their sons/ daughters.

Some facts you need to know when raising a teenager:

1. Parents should know that teens have a lot to learn and that learning has to be through failures and mistakes; they should get closer to their daughters/sons and let them express themselves.

2. Parents should hear them out, and never say no without discussion. Do not be a dictator; this behavior makes a teen more of a rebel.

3. Parents should give them some freedom to take responsibility for their actions and feel independent.

4. Parents should be calm; whenever parents feel angry, they should take a moment to gather themselves, especially that teens know how to push their parents' buttons.

5. Parents should always reward teens with an interesting journey or a special gift if they do something good.

6. Parents should handle conflicts with teens by monitoring their reactions, taking some time out before talking, and speaking calmly. If a teen does something they are not allowed to do, explain calmly and ask them why they broke the rules.

7. Parents should communicate with teenagers and try to understand their points of view to help build their characters through discussion and mutual understanding.

8. Parents should spend quality time with their teens, and do activities together like having a family game night, bearing in mind that teens might want to spend more time with their friends at that age.

9. Parents should respect teenagers’ opinions and teach them what respect looks like; this will boost their self-confidence and will let them know you trust them. Do not forget to praise them for what they do especially in front of people.

10. Parents should get to know their sons/daughters' friends, it will help them make sure they are safe.

11. Parents should not be shy to apologize to teenagers. Keep in mind that if parents do not apologize when they have to, their sons/daughters may be psychologically affected for the rest of their lives as it might impact their sense of self-worth.



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