Pregnancy essentials every expectant mom should have



Sun, 13 May 2018 - 09:34 GMT


Sun, 13 May 2018 - 09:34 GMT

Pregnant woman – CC via Pixabay

Pregnant woman – CC via Pixabay

CAIRO – 12 May 2018: Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for any expectant mom, from feeling nauseous, the urge to vomit and the frequent need to use the toilet to lack of sleep at night. And, let’s not forget about the gained weight during this time, which can be held for a really long time.

Being pregnant is a battle of being excited about what is to come and trying to survive all the symptoms that accompany it. No matter how many babies you have, every pregnancy is different, but there are some common obstacles that women face and some must-haves that can help minimize the trouble of these obstacles.

Here are some items that can keep you on track and help ease your pregnancy experience

1. Pregnancy pillow

As you advance in your pregnancy, starting the second trimester, your belly will start to expand and get heavier, making it an impossible mission to sleep comfortably. To get a good night sleep, use a pregnancy pillow to support all your curves.

2. Maternity support belt

To lessen back pains, use a support belt with thick straps and place it under the stomach to assist your back. Lower back pains during pregnancy are typical, as the spine meets the pelvis in the sacroiliac joint. This belt is very helpful for women who enjoy working out and walking while pregnant.

3. Comfy maternity clothes

Aim for comfortable clothes made of cotton to allow your skin to breathe. Think of shoes, slippers, comfortable bras and loose maternity clothes. Invest in a belly belt, an adjustable elastic fabric band that fits around the belly to hold up your clothes once they can no longer be buttoned – it works like a fabric extension.

4. Pregnancy books

These books can help you understand each step of your pregnancy, and they contain many tips and pieces of advice on exercise and nutrition during pregnancy. Also, there are some books available to help men understand each step of pregnancy that their wives are going through.

5. Stretch-mark-fighting creams

Multiple pregnancies make you more prone to stretch marks. Use creams that contain vitamin E and shea butter to fight these stretch marks that develop as you advance in your pregnancy. Combine the mixture with coconut oil and keep your skin soft and smelling fantastic. The cream also helps control itching that results.

6. Organic lip balm

Hormones and body changes during pregnancy can lead to skin dryness. To defeat flaky and cracked lips, keep your organic lip balm with you and apply it whenever needed.

7. Essential all-in-one prenatal vitamins and Omega-3

Make sure you are getting all the nutrients that you and your baby need, especially during your first trimester, when you are too nauseous to keep your necessary intake of real food. These vitamins should contain Omega-3 and folic acid to reduce the risk of poor birth.

8. Antacid medication

Pregnant women experience heartburn as a result of hormonal and physical changes in their bodies. The release of progesterone from the placenta leads to the formation of gastric acids causing heartburn. This can be prevented by using antacids.

9. Water bottle

During the early months of pregnancy, you will constantly feel thirsty, and your need for water will be non-stop, especially with the frequent bathroom use. Keep a filled bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated whenever you need water and wherever you are.

10. Ginger Tea

Whenever you feel nauseous, especially in your first trimester, drink organic caffeine-free ginger tea to stay on top of the urge to vomit without harming your baby. This tea can also help you keep yourself full at night if you drink it before bedtime.



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