Earth Day: What does it really mean to Egyptians?



Thu, 26 Apr 2018 - 02:58 GMT


Thu, 26 Apr 2018 - 02:58 GMT

Farmer in his wheat farm - Egypt Today/ Kareem Abdulkareem

Farmer in his wheat farm - Egypt Today/ Kareem Abdulkareem

CAIRO – 26 April 2018: In Egypt, after the revolution in 2011, several people became aware of the importance of saving our planet. Many Egyptians now happily volunteer in many events organized by different entities in celebration of Earth Day, which took place on April 22.

Egyptians are becoming more aware of the importance of this special occasion. Students gather together and paint pavements, and children are encouraged to water plants and clean public parks and gardens. Many people volunteer willingly, as it creates a very special experience for them and the younger generations.

The Nile River in Aswan - Egypt TodayKareem Abdulkareem
The Nile River in Aswan - Egypt Today/ Kareem Abdulkareem

In Hurghada, for example, an NGO organizes clean ups of the city and beaches, not only on that specific day, but throughout the year. This initiative encourages other entities, such as schools, foundations, universities and governmental entities, to participate on that special day and contribute each in their own unique way.

The American University in Cairo (AUC) takes that event very seriously every year, encouraging many positive activities, such as saving water and recycling within and outside the university campus.

On the other hand, Cairo American College (CAC) committed a whole week, arranging different activities and artwork for its students to participate in. The college planned a program in which students could adopt a tree and plant it at their home or school for a tiny sum of money.

The University of Alexandria also participated on that special day by organizing an event called “A drop of water can save your life”. In this initiative, the university encourages its students and professors to save water and only use as much water as a person may need. Water is a very precious resource and should never be taken for granted.

Qanater Gardens - Egypt TodayKareem Abdulkareem
Qanater Gardens - Egypt Today/ Kareem Abdulkareem

Moreover, on the level of governmental entities, the Ministry of Agriculture and many others made sure different activities and initiatives are taken to raise awareness within the Egyptian community about Earth Day. Different programs are applied in several governorates in Egypt.

In Port Said, clean-ups around the city are organized by an online website ( The same activities are being held in Port Foad and Montaza Park.

Also, medical entities such as the Red Crescent foundation organized activities for that great day. A workshop, designed specifically for children, was held to encourage children to become creative and paint drawings regarding the earth and nature. These types of workshops raise children’s awareness at an early age.

Qanater Gardens in Monufia Governorate - Egypt TodayKareem Abdulkareem
Qanater Gardens in Monufia Governorate - Egypt Today/ Kareem Abdulkareem

In global terms, Google, the giant search engine, did not let that day pass quietly either. This was made possible in affiliation with Jane Gödel, an activist in wildlife and animal rights who dedicated her life defending their case and claiming their rights. Google, along with Gödel, designed Google’s banner specifically for that occasion, to further raise awareness about Earth Day globally.

Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson almost 50 years ago. The event quickly spread around the world.



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