6 genuine gifts for your pregnant friend



Mon, 08 May 2017 - 02:41 GMT


Mon, 08 May 2017 - 02:41 GMT

When You are expecting

When You are expecting

CAIRO – 8 May 2017: How many times have you wanted to gift a pregnant friend and you just went blank on what to bring her? Confused whether to get her something baby related, mother related or even house related. Well we don’t want to keep you confused anymore here are 6 of the best gift ideas you can buy your pregnant friend.

But first, here is a random tip on gifts given in such intimate and emotional occasions, you can always bring handmade gifts they are always the warmest and the dearest to girls not to mention pregnant emotional ones. Now if you are crafty enough you can make it yourself but if it is a difficult one you can have it customized or specially made somewhere. And remember a good inside joke can always turn into the most creative gift.

Now let’s take a tour of our 6 great pregnancy gifts:

Maternity basket:
If you’re thinking “small but many” then this is the gift for you, you can bring her a basket filled with a massage gift card, some books about parenting (especially if it’s her first baby), a beautiful personalized maternity t-shirt and finally a total body pillow that you can find on

the motherhood maternity website.

Parental yoga classes:
If she is more of a sports person then these classes are the ones for her, it won’t take her away from sports and at the same time will help her to relax.

Maternity photo session:
If your friend is like most girls a photo addict, then a maternity photo session might be exactly what you need. She could be photographed in different phases of pregnancy and after delivery as well, to create an album documenting the experience through professional photos.


Sonogram photo frame:
Now this is for the sentimental type of girls, the ones who care about the first kiss, the first date and definitely the very first picture of the baby. You can have the husband’s help by taking the first sonogram picture of the baby for you then you can frame it for her.

Floor mopping robot:
This kind of robot is very popular in South Korea and Japan, yet it’s not hard to get. It might be a bit expensive but think of it that way; at least she won’t call for your help when cleaning her place. It’s an investment believe me.

Diaper bag:
It’s one of the obvious gifts for a new mom but it is very handy, it’s a bag full of everything she’s going to need for the baby to take with her when leaving the house.

Now my last tip if a husband wants to treat his pregnant lady you can always use one of the previous ideas, but the most important thing is to LET HER SLEEP. Just let her do it as long as she wants because after delivery she will not even have the time to nap.



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