4 places you cannot miss while in Siwa



Thu, 01 Mar 2018 - 10:10 GMT


Thu, 01 Mar 2018 - 10:10 GMT

A cafe is seen at Fitnas Island in January 2018 to drink coffee, tea, or smoothies while watching sunset - Egypt Today

A cafe is seen at Fitnas Island in January 2018 to drink coffee, tea, or smoothies while watching sunset - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 1 March 2018: The Siwa oasis is a long way from Cairo which usually dissuades people from going there on vacation. However, people who don’t go miss out on a lot; relaxation, nature, beauty, clean air and the sunny weather are well worth the 12 hours of travel.

Here are the most wonderful places you cannot miss in Siwa, hopefully they might convince you to take the trip:

1- The salt lakes: the color of the water is enchanting; you can stay there all day doing nothing except staring at the beautiful shimmering surface. You can also swim in the water and because of the high levels of salt, your body floats very easily; just be careful not to get water in your eyes as the salt can irritate them.

Siwa Salty lake – Best Places Egypt official Facebook page

2- Fitnas Island: the sunset there is breathtaking. The local people there have a special tea unlike any other tea in Egypt, and some of the most delicious dates in the whole country.

A boat at the coast of Fitnas Island in January 2018 - Egypt Today

3- The Siwa House Museum: it is a museum where you can see the lives of the Siwan people; their way of life, traditions, customs, and even Siwan weddings. The wedding dresses they use are not the traditional white ones, but are more of a “Jalabeya”. A Siwan wedding can last seven days.

The entrance to the Siwi House - Egypt Today

A room in the Siwi House in January 2018 - Egypt Today

4- Safari: Don’t ever go all that way and miss the Siwan safari. For thrillseekers, you will enjoy your time in the 4x4 cars which were almost driving vertically. Drivers are a hundred percent professional while driving these vehicles, so you are safe! Once we finished the safari we moved to a desert nearby these dunes which was filled with cans lighted with fire. They made us their special grilled chicken which they had grilled under the sand. We sat in their tent talking about their culture and listening to their traditional songs.

The safari trip in Siwa - Egypt Today

The simplicity of life in Siwa is like no other place. If you have the chance to travel to Siwa, don’t ever miss it.



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