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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 - 01:13 GMT


Thu, 22 Feb 2018 - 01:13 GMT

Photo via tombow_id/Instagram

Photo via tombow_id/Instagram

CAIRO – 22 February 2018: With it being as unique as our voices or fingerprints, our handwriting can reveal a lot about us from our thought process to our current health state. In analyzing handwriting, a small indent or spacing can have a significant relation to a specific trait or characteristic present in the person analyzed, according to master graphologist Kathi McKnight.

In an interview with Business Insider, McKnight revealed, “Just from analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5,000 personality traits.” Egypt Today presents some of these factors and their correlated aspects that you may not have considered before.


Large letters usually indicate that one has a love for attention and self-expression, according to Bright Side. They enjoy socializing, and are people-oriented. They also may tend to put up this fake façade of confidence in order to protect themselves and their feelings. They seek mutual understanding and companionship.

Conversely, Bright Side notes, as does Cosmopolitan’s Kerry Ward, that small letters mean that one can be quite shy, intellectual and reserved. They have this passion for being precise and doing things accurately. They are very diligent, focused and concentrated. Most of the people with small-sized letters might be introverted.

Average letters, as per Ward, on the other hand, show how you have the ability to adapt to any situation, overcome any rough patches in your life, and even turn it to work in your favor. People with average sized handwriting are quite levelheaded and grounded; they know how to make quick decisions.


According to a research carried out by the National Pen Company in the U.S., writing with no slants means that one is probably ruled by logic. People with un-slanted handwriting are usually emotionally stable, pragmatic and practical. They tend to have full control of their emotions.

If one writes with a slant, then one is either an introvert or extrovert, depending on which side their slants favor. Right slants indicate that one is open, sociable and friendly. They can be quite impulsive, but heart-centered; and, they value personal relationships and appreciate close friends and family.

The research suggests that left slants are on the other side of the spectrum. Those who favor the left side are usually those who work behind the scenes. They are introspective and patient. If you are left-handed and write in left slants you might be expressing rebellion.

S p a c I n g:

The study also shows, as does MailOnline’s Victoria Woollaston, that wide spacing reveals one’s love for freedom and their deep hatred for crowds. Interestingly, those with narrow spacing usually do not have the best time management skills. They are afraid of being alone and always want to be in a crowd.

Even spacing in handwriting is usually attributed to those who are levelheaded and aware of boundaries. They also do not like to be overwhelmed with too many events or issues at the same time.


Cosmopolitan, Bright Side, MailOnline and the National Pen Company agree that those who write with heavy pressure usually take things quite seriously and to heart. They usually feel pressured by small incidents, which they later realize should not have pressured them as much as it did. They feel deeply and react quickly.

Those who write with light pressure, on the other hand, usually are very empathetic and active. They want to finish writing quickly so that they can go out and experience the world. They really enjoy moving from one place to another.



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