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Sat, 10 Feb 2018 - 10:30 GMT


Sat, 10 Feb 2018 - 10:30 GMT

The ground-breaking Token ring - Photo courtesy of retailtrendslatam

The ground-breaking Token ring - Photo courtesy of retailtrendslatam

CAIRO – 10 February 2018: The Internet announced Token rings as the new ''IT''. On a mission to allow people to have control over their identity and mitigate against rising identity theft, Token have created rings that are capable of making payments by being paired with credit cards, locking and unlocking cars by pairing with many cars’ ignition systems and many more things.

The ring also acts as a transit card and access card, meaning you can enter your office without the hassle of looking for that sign-in card. In order to produce the ring, Token is collaborating with MasterCard, Microsoft, Visa, HID, FitPay and the FIDO Alliance.

The company produced an elegant and simple design that is capable of keeping your password and security codes secure, while also remaining stylish and easy to handle. The product also aims to increase security, while ensuring that consumers do not waste more time on resetting their passwords constantly and turning on two-factor authentication.

The sterling silver ring contains a fingerprint censor and optical proximity that will not allow any other party to access the user’s biometric information.

Speaking rather fondly about the ring and the increased security standards that it offers, Kiki Del Valle, Senior Vice President, Commerce for Every Device, commented on the device, “at MasterCard, the purpose of our Commerce for Every Device Program is to enable secure payments to a whole new generation of devices — giving consumers more choice in how they pay.”

For Valle, the Token ring is a safe alternative for cash and credit cards, “the Token device provides our card holders a personalized lifestyle accessory that can make simple and safe contactless transactions at millions of merchant locations in 96 countries around the globe.”

Melanie Shaprio, the co-founder and CEO of the company, said in the launching statement, “the way we prove who we are is broken. Token allows you to prove who you are — from your front door to your office to the grocery store — while simultaneously protecting your information with advanced cryptography.” Shaprio spoke about how the internet is an amazing place that almost everyone uses today for free, expressing that many people are fighting for our right for free access.

Still, she pointed out that, as did the Token website, it is not enough to have free access, the internet should also be safe for all that use it. Otherwise, according to the Token website, “the internet can be a place of incredible risk, which limits how comfortable we feel connecting more of our lives to the internet.”
Still, we did have our doubts about the ring: can’t someone steal it and access our information? According to the Token website, it is not possible because there is a series of steps that must be followed to ensure that the identity of the ring matches yours, including the fingerprint censor previously mentioned.

The ring costs $250 and is available in white, black and rose gold, in addition to its original silver color that costs an additional $50.



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