American backpacker invites world to visit Egypt



Wed, 24 Jan 2018 - 11:23 GMT


Wed, 24 Jan 2018 - 11:23 GMT

American Traveler Jordan Taylor in Egypt

American Traveler Jordan Taylor in Egypt

CAIRO – 24 January 2018: Jordan Taylor, an American traveler, explorer and videographer, invites the world to visit Egypt by posting photos and videos that captures Egypt’s endless beauty.

Taylor is a 20-year-old explorer who decided in 2014 to follow her passion for traveling the world ‘s glamorous and faraway places to document the beauty of such locations. From natural landscapes to monumental sites, Taylor thinks they are all worth visiting.

Her blog “Travellight” presents all kinds of places worth visiting, from natural landscapes to monumental sites. She uses simple and effective tools to communicate this message by capturing photos and short videos on all of her social media platforms.

Egypt is one of her most favorite able destinations. In October 2017, she traveled to Egypt after spending around six months in China, and documented her visit to the North African country with around 13 videos and many photos amassing millions of views.

Taylor volunteered to communicate a message of peace and safety to the world, especially to women who are planning to visit Egypt, by visiting touristic spots such as Dahab, Aswan and the Giza Pyramids on her own.

Jordan’s trip to Egypt included the following interesting places:

Giza Pyramids

Taylor immersed herself in the greatness of the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx; the architecture and art that reflect the Pharaonic civilization.

She rode horses around Giza Pyramids area, and she said it was one of the most enjoyable activities she did there.

Mohamed Ali Mosque

The second place she was keen on visiting was the Mohamed Ali Mosque, where she heard stories about the history of this monumental building dating back to Muhamed Ali Pasha, who commissioned his soldiers to build it inside the Cairo Citadel.

Aswan and Nubia

Taylor decided to have a different experiment in Aswan and Nubia, as she decided to visit residential buildings and explore the locals’ lives and traditions.
3- Jordan Taylor in Nubia
Jordan Taylor in Nubia – Photo courtesy of Taylor’s official Facebook page


Luxor’s hot air balloon trip was the most memorable activity forTaylor in Luxor, as she got a stunning aerial view over ancient sites in the city. She also interviewed with the balloons’ pilots.

She said “this is the best place in Egypt” after visiting Karnak Temple in Luxor.

This visit was supposed to last for one month, but after she experienced the great Egyptian hospitality, she decided to extended her visit in Egypt for another month.


Her videos in Alexandria reflect the magic of the city, including Qaitbay Citadel and Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


Her camera captured breathtaking views of Dahab, such as mountains, crystal blue water, coral reefs and beautiful beaches. She described Dahab as “Heaven on Earth.”

2- jordan Taylor in Dahab
Jordan Taylor in Dahab – photo courtesy of Taylor's official Facebook page

Siwa Oasis

In Siwa Oasis, Taylor recorded many videos about the endless beauty, clearness of its water springs and lakes, and the simplicity of life in Siwa.

1- jordan Taylor in Siwa
Jordan Taylor in Siwa

After her trip was over and her soul was filled with beautiful memories of the country, she said Egypt is the one of the best countries for backpackers to visit.

All the videos, photos and posts shared by the American traveler Jordan Taylor received around one million views and 1,000 shares.



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