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Thu, 28 Dec 2017 - 10:00 GMT


Thu, 28 Dec 2017 - 10:00 GMT

FILE – Sunset at El Tor Mount

FILE – Sunset at El Tor Mount

CAIRO – 29 December 2017: Discovering El-Tor city with all its holy sites is an exploration tour into the long rich history of Egypt.

El Tor City is the capital of South Sinai Governorate located 265 kilometers from the Suez Gulf. It is a small town on the Cairo/Sharm El Sheikh desert road.

It is one of the old cities in South Sinai with a long interesting history including the golden era of the Pharaohs and Islam. Buried monuments are found inside Al-Wadi Valley and Islamic artifacts are located in the region of Al- Kellany.

In the royal age, it was considered the main port, called El-Tor Port, in Egypt on the Red Sea, which is apparent from all the royal monuments there, some of which date back to the Mohamed Ali period.

Although the city’s location is on a desert road, it still has plenty of restaurants, cafeterias and some juice shops. The places are located around the market where Egyptian meals and fresh seafood is available.

This holy site is a fusion between Islamic and Coptic monuments, such as Hmam Musa , Mount El Tor, El-Tor monastery and Jad Jewish church, all of which add scared value to the city.

El-Tor Mountain is the most featured place in the city where the prophet Moses received God’s Ten Commandments.

Serbal Mountain is the second most popular touristic spot there and fifth highest mountain in Egypt. Close to its base are traces of a fourth century monastery, in addition to many granite dwellings on its summit but the foot of the mountain is filled with many inscriptions carved on its rocks.

Close to the northern part of El-Tor City, there is Hmam Musa where five water springs are located. The calming water springs double as therapeutic springs due to the high sulfur rate that provides a natural treatment for various diseases.

Any visitor to El-Tor city will feel the spiritual and calm atmosphere like nowhere else in this world.



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