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Your non-traditional Christmas dinner guide

Sat, Dec. 16, 2017
CAIRO – 16 December 2017: Traditionally, Christmas dinner is eaten at home, with family and friends sat around a table laden with delicious, hearty food. But for those who don’t want to go down the traditional route and cook at home, we have a few non-traditional suggestions for places to eat out. The most important thing about Christmas dinner is having a good time with loved ones and ending the night feeling full and content. These restaurants give you the chance to do just that.

O’s Pasta – Zamalek

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O’s Pasta has been around for a while and it has consistently been named one of the best pasta restaurants in Cairo. If you’re a small group this is the perfect place to go for a cozy Christmas dinner – the place is not very big. The pasta is filling and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Al-Manzil – Korba

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Al-Manzil is a newly opened Lebanese restaurant whose food and atmosphere rival the likes of Tamara and Ayadina. The food is excellent, with delicious starters, tender meats and light pastries. The restaurant is also extremely spacious, so it can handle a cheerfully loud table on Christmas.

Peking – 6th of October

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Chinese food is nothing if not filling. Peking is the perfect place for those who want a more Asian turn for their Christmas dinner. Its servings are large and its flavors are addictive. Order the appetizing starters and chat away, but make sure you leave room for the tasty mains.

Maharaja – 5th Settlement

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Indian food is arguably the best comfort food you could want. It’s spicy, wholesome and extremely satisfying. Maharaja is an excellent choice if you are a large party and want some good food. You can go for the safe choice of butter chicken, or choose something a bit more adventurous, Maharaja serves consistently high-quality food.

Gaya – Maadi

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Gaya has acquired an almost cult status over the years for being the best Korean restaurant in Cairo. With its authentic cuisine and its Korean staff you could almost imagine you were transported the few thousand miles to Seoul. If you’re a Maadi lover or just want to get a bit more creative with your Christmas dinner options, this is a great choice.

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