What the All-New Google Pixel 2 Promises


Wed, 22 Nov 2017 - 08:07 GMT

Screenshot from official Google Pixel 2 ad – Made By Google/ YouTube

Screenshot from official Google Pixel 2 ad – Made By Google/ YouTube

CAIRO – 21November 2017: It is about time the tech giant, Google, started competing in the smart-phones game with its own device, not just its famous operating system, Android.

Following Pixel which was released back in 2016, Google released a new device on October 19 and promised that it features "the best of Google's hardware, software and AI", according to the Telegraph.

Google’s Pixel 2 promises “the best smart-phone camera in the world” based on recent tests done at DxOMark Image Labs, with an image stabilization technology which will make sure none of your future shots are shaken. This can also help tremendously in shooting videos and mobile films.

Pixel 2 also provides a free unlimited storage capacity of pictures and videos in their original quality until 2020; a feature with which Google is directly outplaying its uncanny rival Apple. It is even hinted in the ad for pixel 2, where a woman shows concern that she might run out of storage and the iPhone’s famous message appears, but then she is assured that Pixel is better than that.

The cellular’s features are numerous such as waterproof casing and voice command Selfies, and of course the phone provides a full “Google” experience by allowing you to search almost anything you take a picture of (landmarks, artwork, books, movie posters... etc). Moreover, the phone offers high definition sound and display. As for battery, Google promises that a quick 15-minute charge will give you a battery life of long seven hours. The phone is currently at a price of $937 on Amazon.



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