The Colored canyon in Nuweiba is a real natural wonder



Tue, 31 Oct 2017 - 10:00 GMT


Tue, 31 Oct 2017 - 10:00 GMT

Colored Canyon – Wikimedia website

Colored Canyon – Wikimedia website

CAIRO – 1 November 2017: Colored Canyon is a rock formation located in south Sinai about two hours away from Sharm El-Sheikh city.

Stop your car at the mouth of the canyon and start descending the canyon’s rocky layers where you will notice many of the rocks covered in a chalk like powder. After twenty minutes you will have to walk across a dry riverbed to touch the natural colorful canyon, then experience the smooth rocks that appear soft and billowy.

The colorful rocky canyon comes as a result of receding tides from the red sea. The rocks of the area formed millions of years ago as a result of water eroding sandstone and limestone. Minerals have also shaped and formatted over millions of years. There is great evidence to support that Egypt is one of many countries that has oxidized rocky minerals that have formed millions of years ago.

The canyon is 800 m long with twin palm trees which give its hikers a little shelter for a minute. The weather atop the canyon is sunny.

Although Colored Canyon lies in the limestone mountain chain named “El-Tih” where it is said that Moses was lost for 40 years. It is considered to be one of the best known places in south Sinai according to one visitors named Tarek from Cairo. He said, “You have to go there if you are visiting Nuweiba or Dahab, the place is heavenly and the rocks are really colored (try to visit in October or November).” He rated the canyon on Trip Advisor Website with 4.5 stars.

Colored Canyon trip is usually a part of a tourist program organized between Septembers to May. Color Canyon program starts in the morning and continues to nearby canyons also. Travelers can spend time there taking photos, hiking, climbing the canyon, and enjoying the sunset at one of Nuweiba beaches, according to Kareem Samy , the founder of Hiking Club. Hiking Club is an online club that organizes seasonal trips. In order to tour the Colored Canyon, the agency or the tour guide must extract a permit from Egyptian authorities.

Photo 1 Colored Canyon in Nuweiba – Max pexil Website

Photo 2 Colored rocky mountain – Max Pexil Website

Photo3 Colored rocky mountain – Wikimedia Website

Photo 4 Rocky formation of the mountain –Wikimedia website

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Photo 5 Tourists hiking the Colored Canyon – Wikimedia website



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