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Sat, 28 Oct 2017 - 08:00 GMT


Sat, 28 Oct 2017 - 08:00 GMT

Ancient Egyptian eye makeup - Photo by Wikimedia commons

Ancient Egyptian eye makeup - Photo by Wikimedia commons

CAIRO – 26 October 2017: During the 1910s, the most popular eye makeup was a wash of yellow, grey or brown eye shadow across the eyelid.

Smoky eye shadow started gaining popularity during the 1920s. The look was achieved by dragging black eyeliner across the lash-line and blending it into the lids and crease with a grey or brown eye shadow.

In the 1930s, makeup companies started introducing colored eye shadow. Women started experimenting with the different types by lightly brushing across the lid and crease.

Embracing natural features sparked a trend during the 1940s. Women enhanced their natural lashes by using mascara and used neutral eye shadow across the lid.

The infamous cat-eye was first introduced in the 1950s when liquid eyeliner was invented. The look was taken to a new level in the 1960s when thick liquid eyeliner became a trend and dark shadows across the crease were introduced.

In the 1970s, colorful eye shadows made yet another appearance. But this time, they were blended with other colors. This is when creating the looks with more than one eye shadow first began.

The everyday messy eyeliner became a trend in the 1980s, blended out with light colors across the lid and a darker color across the crease and end of the lid. Women also wore heavy mascaras to emphasize the lashes.

The 1990s brought back neutrals and introduced taupe colors. In the new millennium, the 2000s, smokey eyes were more popular than ever. Women started incorporating false eyelashes in the 2010s as part of their makeup routines



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