Unlikely Egyptian winter getaways



Thu, 26 Oct 2017 - 09:32 GMT


Thu, 26 Oct 2017 - 09:32 GMT

Winter Alexandria – Quora

Winter Alexandria – Quora

CAIRO – 26 October 2017: Winter is one of Egypt’s most comfortable seasons. The weather is not hampering you from getting to places, and life suddenly feels as though it was a video clip to one of the most romantic songs ever. Pack your luggage and take off to Egypt’s best winter spots.

Rain has a way of making everything more beautiful.

Your go-tos in the winter:
1- Alexandria:
Alexandria is known for its popularity in the summer, but have you ever experienced it in the winter?

Alexandria library – Quora

In winter, it turns into a calm and enjoyable city. People are working or going to schools and the streets and traffic is reduced in half, which enables you to freely visit Qaitbay Citadel along the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. You can walk across Stainly Bridge safely; even the homemade ice cream never melts when the sun is out.

Stainly Bridge – Quora

The sun shining on Alexandria – Quora

2- El-Alamein:

El-Alamein lies 106 kilometers west of Alexandria, and is the most notable coastal city. It is marks the day the Allied forces of World War II gained a decisive victory over the Axis forces. That war is commemorated at the war museum.

Al-Alamein City – Quora

It has the best climate in the world with the calmest, clearest blue waters.

War Museum – Quora

3- Saint Catherine Monastery

A whole different kind of winter is waiting for you at this holy land that holds both culture and nature at 120 kilometers from Nuweiba.

One day is not enough. You will need a week at least to fully saturate in the marvel of the beauty there.

Saint Catherine Mountain –Snow in the city of St. Catherine - Zoltan Matrahazi via Wikimedia Commons

You can climb the mountain at dawn; revive the historical moment Moses spoke to God and received the Ten Commandments’ plates. Do not forget to visit the monastery in the morning, too.

Let your soul discover what this unique region offers.

4- Wadi El -Gemal:

It is known as the Valley of the Camels and lies to the south of Marsa Alam; this area is rich and full of different species of animals and birds with many ecological habitats.

“The Wadi El Gemal acts to channel any water from the mountains towards the coastline but some is trapped underground which is a key factor supporting the area's vibrant ecosystem,” according to Marsa Alam’s website.

Wadi El Gemal – Five Photos Website

You can live the Bedouin life, habits, traditions, and you can visit the Roman town with camels and observe rare species.

Wadi El-Gemal was designated a National Park by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency in 2003, according to Marsa Alam’s website.



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