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Which websites are most influential on the internet?

Sat, Oct. 21, 2017
CAIRO – 21 October 2017: The internet has become an inseparable part of modern life; people use it for their work and daily life tasks, agree to meet their friends, and even spend their free time on it in virtual communities known as “social media”. Even though the internet is a vast, infinite space of websites and their uncountable pages, a few websites are far more influential than others. According to TIME, these are five of the most influential:

1. Google: With literally the highest rank above all other websites on the planet, according to website ranking company Alexa, Google is usually the home page of every electronic device you own. Stretching its powers further than those of a mere search engine, Google has become an integrated system that can help you do any task you desire, from searching, translating and storing your data and media, to finding a location and watching an endless amount of entertaining, educating or even sometimes weird videos.

1- Google - 422737- Pixabay

2. YouTube: The unlimited video platform that turned its users into instant filmmakers without the need for more than their phones, YouTube’s content is literally unlimited and varies from music, entertaining videos, educational videos, news and much more. The site also allows its users, through generating enough momentum of views, to gain a margin of profit, which increases depending on how many viewers they have.

2- YouTube logo 2017- YouTube- Wikimedia commons

3. Facebook: With almost 2 billion users worldwide, according to, Facebook began as a method to create simple profiles for classmates, before rapidly turning into the largest social media platform in the world. The website is used for unlimited purposes, from simply chatting up your friends and loved ones, to starting your business and growing it.

3- Facebook - Simon – Pixabay

4. Wikipedia: The strength and weakness of Wikipedia rely on the fact that it is open for editing by literally anyone, which established it as one of the top five websites in the world, according to However, that same fact makes the website quite unreliable at times, especially if the information on it is not backed by trustworthy sources.

4- Wikipedia - logo- Wikimedia Foundation - Wikimedia commons

5. Reddit: With hundreds of millions of webpages discussing and ready to start a discussion on anything one can think of, from fans with unreasonable TV-show theories to experts proving themselves through logic and evidence, Reddit has proven itself to be the ultimate forum that can be both entertaining and helpful. That is why, according to TIME, the website generates billions of page views annually.

5- Reddit logo and wordmark- Reddit, Inc. - Wikimedia commons

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