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Thu, Sep. 21, 2017
CAIRO – 21 September 2017: This week started with news that Instagram might be

working on a new feature

which allows you to share your Instagram stories to Facebook, but quickly two other features surfaced in the application's updates: "Follows you" and the four-across grid are two features that will most probably affect the way you deal with Instagram.

Instagram is testing "Follows You," a feature that will allow you to see if a certain person is following you or not. Which will stand as a double-edged sword; as on the one hand you will be more motivated to work harder to earn your followers, and on the other hand you will kiss the privacy of unfollowing someone goodbye. After years of being able of secretly un-following someone without them knowing, Instagram is testing the feature that will let you know if someone is following you or not, once you visit their profile.

As for the second update which is changing the usual "three pictures per row" system of viewing into a four pictures per row. According to highsnobiety, selected users are currently testing this update but it might be already causing some trouble.

As followers have adapted over time to Instagram's view grid they used it creatively to decorate their accounts with perfectly placed pictures that come together to form a work of art or a more detailed bigger picture, yet the new system is threatening to ruin all this effort. The update is already facing rejection which might lead us to wonder whether Instagram will be carrying it out or not.

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