8 essential packing tips for every traveler



Wed, 20 Sep 2017 - 07:51 GMT


Wed, 20 Sep 2017 - 07:51 GMT

Courtesy: Unsplash

Courtesy: Unsplash

CAIRO – 20 September 2017: Packing is crucial for any traveler, no matter what the travel purpose is. If you forget a necessary item, you either buy a replacement for a much higher price, or stay disappointed for the rest of your trip. On the other hand, pack too much and you could end up messy, distraught, and you may pay for pricey airline baggage fees.

Here is a list of essential tips to help any traveler pack wisely:

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1- Plan your clothing

Whether you are traveling for vacation, business, or as a honeymooner, it is important to plan what clothes you will need throughout your trip.

2- Pack dual-purpose outfits

If you have two-in-one pieces, they are crucial. If it is a double-face coat or belt, pants that turn into shorts, they deserve to be a priority in your packing list.

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3- Do not forget to take your first Aid Kit

Either you buy a readymade first-aid kit, or prepare it by packing pain killers, cold medicines, allergy medicine, cough drops, and bandages.

4- Photocopies

Take a photocopy of your passport in a different bag from the actual passport.
Also, rather than bringing heavy guide-books, photocopy the important pages that you will use during your journey. Or download apps instead that serve the same function.

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5- A power bank and extra camera battery

You will most probably have long tours and outings away from the hotel. So a power bank and an extra camera battery are essential.

6- What to put in your carry-on?

If you put a large bottle of shampoo or a body spray in your carry-on, they will most probably be confiscated. All liquids brought onto planes must be in bottles of maximum 100 milliliters. But you can take with you your medicine, glasses, a book, or a swimsuit.

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7- Rolling instead of folding

Travel experts advise to roll clothing while packing as opposed to folding. This is because rolled clothes occupy less space and decrease the probability of causing wrinkles.

8- Weigh your luggage

At the end, make sure that you are not taking overweight luggage to avoid fines at the airport.



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