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Sun, 17 Sep 2017 - 08:54 GMT


Sun, 17 Sep 2017 - 08:54 GMT

Full moon reflection on the water canal in Maraqi, Siwa Oasis – Monika Sleszynska

Full moon reflection on the water canal in Maraqi, Siwa Oasis – Monika Sleszynska

CAIRO – 17 September 2017: Just like the sunset or sunrise, the moon rising and setting is a beautiful event of nature to watch and admire. Those times are especially magical when spent in nature. The full moon rising occurs every 28 days, therefore, is a monthly treat and very different than the daily sunset. Both hold beauty yet if you experience the full moon in the Siwa oasis you will be treated to layers of colors and beauty as many of those are found during the sunset. The stunning nature landscapes of Siwa will welcome you with a selection of lines, colors and shapes to be an unrepeatable background to the moon rising.

Full moon rising above the Ghary Lake in Maraqi, Siwa Oasis - Monika Sleszynska

The time of the full moon is a wonderful opportunity to revive the senses and enjoy a deeper connection with nature. Being in a desert during the full moon is an extraordinary experience. For Siwans, the Berber tribe inhabitants of the Siwa oasis in the western desert, the full moon is like the night sun. The natural environment allows noticing the beauty of the full moon with much more intensity. It is no surprise that the moon is highly appreciated and a noticeable part of life as during its full days the moonlight beams strongly light the landscape of sand dunes, mountains and palm trees. If you have not been to the desert during such a time, be prepared to be surprised. The nights are so bright that you will not need a torch.

Full moon rising above waters of the salt lake, next to Andrere Amalal Mountain in Maraqi, Siwa Oasis - Monika Sleszynska

Over the course of months, the moon rises at different points of the oasis providing a rich opportunity to witness it appearing on the horizon at different stunning nature spots. Depending on when you visit the oasis and from which location you witness the moon rising, you might be up for quite a treat.
If you are in Siwa town centre, climbing the ruins of Shaly fortress will take you to one of the highest points in the oasis from where you will be able to see, from above town buildings and streets, a 360 degree view of the oasis and far stretching surroundings. You will hear distant sounds of daily life at the oasis where the gentle beeps, vehicle engines and donkeys mix into the fluent acoustic background. This is a perfect town spot to enjoy the sunrise, sunset and the moon rising as well as moon setting.

Full moon above traditional Siwan House, Siwa Oasis - Monika Sleszynska

The Siwa oasis has plenty beautiful natural landscapes with meandering roads through the palm groves leading to the outer parts of the oasis where the riches of the salt lakes form a treat for the eyes and heart with widely stretching unique horizons. Whichever direction you take, you will be astonished with the variety of nature formation in the desert oasis. If you set off to watch the sunset from the spots around the salt lake, stay and watch out for the moon rising. There is nothing like spending the night sleeping on the desert dunes under the moon light.

The remains of Shaly fortress provide opportunity for a walk to the high point of town with a 360 degree view, Siwa Oasis - Monika Sleszynska

If you have been thinking about visiting the unique Siwa oasis, the full moon is an extraordinary time to enjoy nature and allow the moon light to reveal the mythological treasures; what could be better that to check the influence of the full moon on your body and soul’s wellbeing? It is believed that during the full moon the senses become accentuated. Till today some people in the oasis and through various practices dedicate this time to reflection and even fasting in order to fully absorb the gifts of this time.

Full moon “looking” through the window, Siwa Oasis - Monika Sleszynska – Monika Sleszynka

The full moon in the Siwa oasis can be a real treasure hunt when you find that you can discover local knowledge, tradition and beliefs around the moon as well as make up for an unforgettable break in the moon light. You can also opt for a special swim in the cold or hot spring at night under the “Evening Sun” as referred to in Ancient Egypt. The moon’s connection could be reasserted further as Siwa is home to the ancient temple of Amun Oracle, the ancient god of sun and air and the father of Khonsu - the moon god.

The full moon finds its literal reflection in the name of one of the hotels of Siwa. Taziry, which in Siwan language means “Full Moon,” is a name of the scenically located rustic eco resort. The architecture and setting in the natural landscape at the foot of the Red Mountain and overlooking the salty Ghary Lake, the sustainable hotel and village truly embraces the connection with nature, Siwan traditions and organic living. The outer architecture blends into the landscape while the interior design welcomes you to a timeless space with handmade decorated wooden furniture and handicrafts. Candles and oil lamps together with the sound of Amazigh desert wind will be your embracing company while falling asleep. The wide stretching open terraces and balconies give one space to feel the connection with the sky.

Annual Siyaha festival near Dakrur Mountain is a 3 day festive celebration during the October full moon, 2015, Siwa Oasis – Monika Sleszynska

The coming October full moon is a great opportunity to visit the Siwa oasis as the annual local Siyaha Festival takes place. This year, October’s full moon falls on Thursday, October 5, with its peak at 8:40 p.m. This festive celebration is a gathering of unity and joy till late night hours over the three days and its traditions reach way back to distant history when tribes used to be gathered to resolve any conflicts and unite. Till today the tradition of equal sharing has been preserved.

Siwa’s oasis is an exceptional location all year round and each season offers different treasures and activities. The timing of the full moon is an irresistible treat. Whoever experienced night under the full moon will surely be mesmerized and illuminated by its glow and effect.

Full moon reflecting in the waters of salt lake in Maraqi area, Siwa oasis – Monika Sleszynska

Consult with local guides for the best spots to watch the full moon rising.
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