Five helpful apps for beginner travelers



Tue, 12 Sep 2017 - 11:43 GMT


Tue, 12 Sep 2017 - 11:43 GMT

By Rami Al-Zayat. Courtesy: Unsplash

By Rami Al-Zayat. Courtesy: Unsplash

CAIRO - 12 September 2017: It is amazing how technology is making traveling easier and more enjoyable to everyone. Here is a list of five applications that will help any traveler, especially beginners, in their journeys.

By: Michal Parzuchowski. Courtesy: Unsplash

1- Travel List

We all, one way or another, have a problem with packing. And this is what this app is for. Travel List, obviously, provides travelers with checklists of important items not to miss while packing. It also has a calendar and reminders for last-minute packing items, to help you travel comfortably.

Dubai. By: Robert Bock. Courtesy: Unsplash

2- Walc

This app is designed for those who prefer getting lost on foot rather than taking cabs. Walc orients users to numerous landmarks, whether it is a museum or a nearby Starbucks branch.

White Desert, Egypt. By: Anirban Chatterjee. Courtesy: Unsplash

3- Foodspotting

The first thing travelers think of once they arrive from their long journeys is food. Foodspotting helps users find local eateries of all cuisines.

Petronas Towers, Malaysia. By: Vlad Shapochnikov. Courtesy: Unsplash

4- Scout
This application offers a unique service. Forget about texting overbearing parents or obsessive friends. It automatically sends your worried parents and friends' alerts on your estimated arrival time, and updates them about any changes in your scheduling.

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5- Solo Traveller

If you are traveling on your own, this app will instantly connect you with the travelers around you. It is a wonderful platform to discover backpacking destinations near you.

It is especially helpful for female solo travelers to meet other female company and help them enjoy a safe travel experience.



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