5 reasons why Egyptians love Alexandria



Sun, 10 Sep 2017 - 08:26 GMT


Sun, 10 Sep 2017 - 08:26 GMT

Alexandria. Courtesy: Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Alexandria. Courtesy: Creative Commons via Wikimedia

CAIRO - 10 September 2017: Egyptians love visiting Alexandria for holidays and vacations.

Its beautiful beaches, history as a metropolitan city, and of course, lively spirit, make up a colorful touristic city for people from all over the world.

1: Iconic Egyptian singer Abdul Haleem Hafez singing his famous song for Alexandria. Source: YouTube screenshot

Here are 5 reasons why Alexandria has a special place in Egyptians' hearts:

1- Childhood summer vacation memories

2: Bibliotheca Alexandrina by Néfermaât. Courtesy: Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Long before trips to the north coast became trendy, Egyptians' number one summer vacation destination was Alexandria. We all have warm memories of vacations with our families as little kids.

Additionally, Egyptian students grew up studying Alexandria's lengthy history. That is why school day-use trips from different cities to visit Alexandria's Citadel of Qaitbay and of course Bibliotheca Alexandrina are common.

2- Suitable for all social levels

3: Stanley Bridge, Alexandria. Courtesy: Pixabay

Alexandria has a range of attraction spots suitable to wealthy, middle class, and low-income visitors. All Egyptians, one way or another, relate to the Alexandria.

3- Alexandria's beautiful winter

4: Alexandria in Winter by: Ahmed herz. Courtesy: Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Alexandria is not only a summer destination. It is also famous for being an Egyptian winter wonderland.

4- Yummy Food

An important advantage of Alexandria is its delicious food. Although it serves typical Egyptian dishes, Alexandrian food taste more delicious!
And by food I mean all types of food, drinks, and desserts. No one can stay on a diet while visiting this beautiful city.

5- The priceless Corniche

6: Sunset in Alexandria. Courtesy: Pixabay

A sit, walk, jog, or run down Alexandria's irreplaceable Corniche is important to all Alexandria visitors.

And as the sun goes down, you see families, groups of friends, as well as couples sitting to watch the sunset as it melts behind the Mediterranean horizon.



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