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Thu, 31 Aug 2017 - 09:08 GMT


Thu, 31 Aug 2017 - 09:08 GMT

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Cairo – 31 August 2017: Zamalek is one of the wealthy and comfortable residential districts in Cairo. It is an island in the middle of the Nile between modern downtown Cairo and Giza. Previously called “Jardin des Plantes” (Garden of Plants) during Khedive Ismail’s era because of its wide collection of exotic plants that were shipped from all over the world, it is Cairo’s most fashionable residential district, where you will easily spot a BMW or Mercedes Benz, rich Egyptians, supermarkets that sell sushi or French pastries, and an upbeat take on Egyptian life. If you are walking in Zamalek, you will see embassies, schools, art galleries, and 19th century villas. Also, you will find some of the most fashionable jewelry shops, bookstores, and antique dealers in Cairo.
Hence, a lot of foreigner like to visit or live there because of the diversity, shopping, and food. You will find a diverse group of women there too. Women in Zamalek are different in that some of them are into motorcycles and do not care about the social norms or barriers. Some are into art and crafts, even though they are from a conservative background or veiled. On the other hand, some women are into tattoos and are well educated and work. Also, some girls like writing inspirational quotes or writing in general. Although women in Zamalek are diverse and different, they like to sit and hang in the same places, like Lilly’s and Pottery Café. Hence, this photo essay will show how women who live or hang out in the streets of Zamalek in Cairo are diverse from one another in attitude and actions.


“At first, I face some problems in the streets, but I learned that your attitude is the only thing that makes people respect you. You may be wearing a bikini while riding and no one talks to you, or you may be wearing a veil and boys harass you; it’s all about you attitude.” – at Pottery Café.


“I’m a student at MSA University. I love drawing and hanging out with my friends.” – at Lilly’s.
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“I have tattoos all over my body and I am a student at the Cairo University. Yes, I love tattoos!!” – at Lilly’s.


“I love inspirational quotes; I love writing them and reading them. Here is one that I like: ‘Lies are more than the truth’.” – at Lilly’s.


“We are different in personalities, but that’s what makes us friends. Every single one of us loves something different, but in the end, our diversity is the one thing that brings us together.” – Café Supreme Zamalek.



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