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App Review: Curiosity

Thu, Aug. 24, 2017
CAIRO – 24 August 2017: With a smooth galactic interface and logo that invokes curiosity, ‘Curiosity’ makes you a big promise to help you “Get Smarter” by inspiring you and allowing you to explore the unknown.

With over a million downloads and a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Google Play and 4+ on the Apple store; the application’s latest update brings a new search tool that allows you to search hundreds of subjects with over 4,000 articles and 800,000 videos! Which it quite astonishing! You can also like and share articles which allow the application to show you better recommendations.

The app offers you a daily notification time to deliver you the daily editors’ picks, you can discover whichever topic you want through search and follow the tags of any topic you read or if would like to read similar articles.

So enjoy the app and let us know when your IQ starts spiking!
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